Winter Kate by Nicole Richie

Winter Kate

So as a few of you may know, i'm totally in love with Nicole Richie - if i could morph into anyone, i think she would be my choice! .. now after stateing that, i find myself thinking 'humm' .. anywho .. Nicole already has her jewlery line called House of Harlow 1960 (which i'm ga-ga for!).. but now she has a clothing venture!!! - How exciting!!! .. and i tell you - i'm a fan fan fan! .. it's call Winter Kate ..

Here's a lil peak:

Ok so here we have to the left the Opy Jacket in Wildwood Green.  I'm obsessed with the komono style of this jacket, and i can see myself wearing this non-stop!  this scream STAPLE to me!!! .. and to the right, we have Nicole sporting the Jasmine Cardigan in Frankie print.  How romantic is this piece?!

Now here to the left is the Kimono Dress and to the right is Camellia Dress.  I have a dress similar to the first one, but the second one is going to be a pre-order right to my house! .. i love the boho chic to this line!

Here is Nicole's Winter Kate line of heels - i LOOOVVVVEEEE them .. they remind me of a Boho-Native American culture! .. They aren't avaliable yet .. but should be soon, and i know i can not wait!!!


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