Check out this 'new' site! .. Tippr (<-- NY pre-launch site) .. here's what it's about .. "Tippr is the new wave in collective buying. Our Tippsters scout around town for the best deals for our members and serve them up to you daily. We have actually shopped at every merchant and bought every product featured on Tippr ourselves. Our Tippsters are so good at negotiating deals that we are the only deal web site able to provide a 100% price guarantee. You won’t find a better deal on the merchants and product featured here, we promise."

Tippr gets you 50% - 90% off Restaurants, Spas, Events, Retail, Bars, Salons and more in your city.

So in other words SIGN UP and score some deals!

- Each day Tippr features three unbeatable deals on popular spots in your city.
- You get tipped on to these deals by checking the site every day or by subscribing to our newsletter and receiving alerts each morning.
- If you see a deal you like, just click buy and the deal is yours! You will be emailed a printable voucher when the deal closes.
- It doesn’t stop there! All deals on Tippr.com are accelerated, so as more deals are purchased, the value of everybody’s deal gets better and better!
- The cool thing about Accelerated Deals is that as more people buy, your deal gets better along with everybody who purchased and will purchase the deal! So share the deal you bought with your friends, & you and everybody else will get the biggest bang for your buck.
- Once the deal is closed, we will email you your voucher with final value on it. Then you just click, print, and use like cash!


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