Closet Confession

ahh - the walk in closet! - every girls dream, right? - well it IS mine and many of my friends! .. here's a look inside some celeb closets!
Here's a look @ Paris Hilton's closet - i'm speachless over the mirror dresser - *ekk* i'm a lil obsessed with mirrored things ..

Next we have Nicky Hilton's closet .. well 1 of 2 she has .. i adore the clean lines of this space - and the glass doors on the closets .. perfect! .. and check out the black and white door - inspiration my friends!

Nicole Richie's closet before kids - this speaks to me - b/c this is practical! - us everyday gals can have this!

Many of you may have seen this 'tour' of Mariah Carey's closet - she has a boutique as a closet - how cute are the gold stars on the floor?!

Christina Aguilera's closet is MY DREAM! - the leapard carpet, velvet curtains, chandelier, pink shelves - what's not to fall for here?! .. i don't know if i'd ever leave this place!
my Jersey girl - Jamie-Lynn Sigler in her closet in Tribeca .. this is organization! - i don't think my folded sweaters would stay that neat for a week! .. and all the wooden hangers, oh the life!

Kimora has the leapord carpet as well in her closet in her NJ mansion - i'd venture to say she can give Mariah Carey a run for it ...


  1. What a dream! I have the smallest closet on Earth right now!!

  2. Ohhhhh how I just wish! I have been so proud of my walk in closet but now I see what I am really missing out on... stars on the floor and shit...IH!

  3. you have totally hit the nail on the head of one of my obsessions here, I love this, and love the blog :)


  4. Ooh la la...aren't they all gorgeous !!
    I want one !!!


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