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i've ALWAYS admired all the things Posh Tots has to offer .. all out of my price range .. but will always be in my dreams .. whenever a new catalog arrives at my door .. imagination mode i go! .. i can only imagine how lucky the children are who get to have these most amazing items! .. here's a few i love:
Here we have Mackeys Mansion Tree House and Capt'n Wills Pirate Ship Bed! .. If your little one loves pirate ships, PoshTots has countless beds/playhouses/rockers/etc that will intrigue your little one's imagination!!
here we have the Fairy Tale Bed, what isn't to love about that?! .. And the mini-door.  The mini-door comes in all different designs, the link takes you to view all the different one's they offer! .. can you imagine having this door to your room? - i'm thinking i want one NOW for myself! .. :o)  
next is the Sobey dressers .. and let me tell you Posh Tots has THE most amazing dressers for kids! .. anything your mind can imagine, they have it!!! Then we have the Sullivan clock, and i dunno bout you, but i'm thinking this can go ANYWHERE in your home! .. i think it's just fantastic!!!
Here is the ultimate cinderella story ending - to have this La Belle Au Bois Dormant Coach! .. this is what i call ultimate!!! .. and look at this armoire, Whimisical Shoe, just too adorable for words!!!
Lastly - which are a little more possible in my life - are these 2 items by Bloom Baby! .. First is the bouncer called the Coco Ivory Plexistyle, comes in a bunch of different shades - and great if your a modern parent! .. and then we have the Fresco Loft Chair! .. Now i don't have any plans of having kids ANY time soon .. but these 2 would be a must for me!!! Guess i better start saving my pennies now :o)~  


Let me know what your thinking!


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