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(( pss .. THANK YOU in advance for the B-day wishes - but the 3-0 isn't till the 27th (premiere of Sex and the City 2) .. i'm holding onto my 20's as long as i can .. not ready to part juuuuust quit yet :o) *hugs* ))
i LOVE sunglasses .. i'm one of those crazies that get a new pair (or 2 or 3) a year .. i have sunglasses wherever i go, stored somewhere .. i have to always have a pair with me .. and well to my defense i have very sensitive eyes (b/c they are light colored) .. Here's the one's i have and dream about:

These are by Chloe called the Mimosa - i got them on ideeli for an awesome deal last year (under $100) ! .. ps ideeli is featuring Chloe sunglasses on May 19th starting at $74! - so join so you can get your Chloe's for a steal!
Here are my Tom Ford Samantha sunglasses .. i got these on Gilt (hey i like a bargin' what can i say) .. lots of compliements when i wear em'
These are my RayBan 3267's .. Joe got 'em @ TJMaxx for .. wait for it .... $30!!!! (scoooore!) .. I also have Tom Ford aviators, which i love! :o)

Here we have the Prada Butterfly's .. i had $60 of Nordstrom notes i used toward the purchase - so still not full price ladies!

i tried these Gucci one's on over the weekend and loved them ~ but not a good idea for me b/c the lenses aren't very dark .. but they are killer on if you don't need a dark lens!

These are by Oliver People's called Sabina ... i'm looking to find these on sale for a good deal - i'm loven' the clear over sized frame ( i need BIG b/c i have an abnormally huge head, *giggles* )

Here are my Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses - and guess where i got them ..... Marshalls!!! whoo whoop!

i couldn't find my exact YSL shades i have - but these are pretty similar - mine are a dark green tho, almost black .. and have "YSL" down the side inside of just the "Y" in crystals ..

These are my Valentino Shield's .. i have the black/Gray one's ..

i have 1 pair of Miu Miu sunglasses - but i had to share these one's instead - aren't they killer?! .. i need to get my hands on these babies!!! ( i found on sale for $177 but looking for better deal )

Do you remember the Chanel Round Half-Tint sunglasses?! - i got my hands on them at the end of last summer - and i looked ridiculous in them - but i still *sigh* when i see them ~ just off the charts amazing!

so there's just a taste of my sunglasses collection ~ WHAT kind of sunglasses do you wear?!?!


  1. Love the Gucci and RayBans, as well as Oliver People's Sabina. You found some great deals. I'm in the market for a quality pair. Right now I have a aviators and a pair from BCBGs.
    Thanks for this information though, and a 30th bday on 27th - have a wonderful day. My 30th was one of my best birthdays yet. Enjoy! =)s

  2. The Tom Ford glasses are gorgeous!!! Have a fab day! Unfortunately no need of sunglasses here today:(

  3. Love all of these! I'm a sunglass whore myself so I always have 2 pairs with's kinda crazy. I most likely go to my Diors, Guccis & Chloes though.

    Hope you're having a great week! xoxo

  4. The baby broke my beloved Wayfarers this past weekend. It might be time for a new pair! I love those Tom Ford Samantha glasses! So chic!

  5. What a great collection! Love all of 'em!

  6. Oh, how I love those Tom Ford sunglasses. I cannot believe you found them on Gilt! I'm jealous! I just recently bought the Ray-Ban cat eye sunglasses (as seen in my Kauai post today) and I can't get myself to take them off! I also love my Ray-Ban aviators.


  7. i wear big vintage style glasses that i bought at a vintage shop for $12! love them. i have been wanting some aviators though with the classic gold rim.

  8. I adore the Prada Butterfly glasses..Co chic...I am planning th get a new pair because my Gucci needs a rest by now:)
    Kisses and thanks so much for this post!
    Great selection:)

  9. Love all your sunglasses! I like big, thick framed glasses or I like the aviator style... depends on the day ;)

    Delightful Bitefuls

  10. I love the Marc Jacobs pair!! Marshalls, really?!! You are quite the deal finder. :) Your new Prada's are very cute too. Hope to see you sporting them at the beach this summer!!

  11. These shades are awesome... As a lifeguard in the summer, I go through pairs like it's my job! lol

  12. Fabulous shades, darling!
    Nice score on those Ray Ban aviators!

    I love sunglasses too ~ right now I'm using pairs by Chloe and Michael Kors...


  13. I am an artist so I love to get transition lenses in my 'fun' glasses!Wonderful choices!

    Giveaway by Beth Cosner Designs is up on my site. Do come visit and spread the word!

    Art by Karena

  14. That is a very impressive collection of sunglasses you have there! I don't really spend much on mine, and normally just go for a cheap pair, as I wear glasses.

  15. thankyou for a lovely comment and for following! Really appreciate it:) love your blog! thanks for the link :)

    I'm obsessed with sunnies at the moment - you can never look bad in a pair haha :)

  16. Hi Erika :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't have a boutique in Brooklyn but hopefully will one day!
    Love your blog & am following now.
    I have a ton of sunglasses - most recently treated myself to a pair of Dior aviators.
    Have a great day!

  17. This post was great, I feel like I'm handicapped when it comes to buying sunglasses. I always get something wrong for my face, and then I either lose them, break them, or never wear them. But I loved a few of these and might have to try them out!

  18. My beloved got me some classic red ray bans for my birthday! so im pretty much not going to be seen without them for the whole summer! :)

  19. that's quite the collection! no one can pigeonhole your taste in shades! :P

    my faves were a pair of aviators (cheepies) that i bought in london. they broke. it was a sad day.

  20. you're my 'homie' now! :P

    thanks for following, i just looove your blog!

  21. omg you are so funny! I love sunglasses, but I always ALWAYS buy el cheapos because, like just about everything else I have, I break them or lose them as soon as I buy them. I'm all over a classic Ray Ban aviator...they're my favie! You may have just talked me into buying a new pair...tee hee

  22. these are all amazing but you can't go wrong with a good pair of raybans! :)

  23. i love love love sunglasses, i have like 5 or 6 pair just in my car.

    i would say that our of these ones, the mamosa's are my fav :) i just love that color!


  24. I just looooove the chanel round chic and never goes out of style i dont think!

    lovely blog you have!

  25. I'm a Ray Ban fan, I love the wayfarers in red, those are my favorite, and I'd love the have all the colors. Also, the aviators are classic.

  26. are a sunglass junkie just like me! I have those exact same Tom Fords, and the Ray Ban aviators in gold and silver tone, and many many more! :)

  27. I love all those sunglasses!! Great choices! Right now I'm sporting classic wayfarers...just too lazy lately to grab anything else and they're always in my bag :)

    btw...thanks for following the juliet notes :)

  28. I love these! I lose them though - always lose my sunglasses... always! so, I only get cheap ones!

  29. thankyou so much for your comment!
    i love the marc jacobs pair :)
    your blog is lovely

  30. they are just simply amazing.. i love 'em!

  31. i have the chanel half tints aswell, i dont care if peple call me foolish, i think they look amazing! work it girlfriend!


  32. I'm a little embarrassed but I did buy 4 pair of sunglasses this year... :) 3 of them are for fun only though from Primark... but I finally invested in a pair of golden RayBan aviators as well. :)

  33. OMG THANK YOU everyone for your comments - you all made me SSSSOOOOO happy today that you visited my space and left a piece of yourself here! .. completely gracious!!!

    **SUPER HUGE HUGS** *mwah*

  34. Um, did you say $30??? I'm going to TJ Maxx! I LOVE my Burberry GIANT squarish sunglasses! I've had them for over three years and they are the best fashion investment I've ever made!

  35. I love and have Gucci... they are fab but my all time favorites are the Tom Ford's Margaux. Stunning!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm now a follower. =)


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