She Wore an Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny

This summer will most defiantly be the only summer i will have to wear a one-piece bathing suit (*gag*, so disappointed in myself) .. i was a naughty girl to say the least this past winter, i must of thought a famine was coming or something .. but in any case .. i still look at all the bikini's i want (and *eek* i still buy them) for this season .. and now i'm here to share my picks ..

i'm all about this bikini this year! (and the color orange too!) - It's by **Luli Fama: Cosita Buena bandeau top with wavey Brazilian bottom!** .. how much does it remind you of the Maya bikini that was all the rage 2 summers ago?! .. Next is a bikini by VPL the top and bottom are sold separately - lingerie inspired bikini's are all the rage this season, i would give this one a try!

i'm still a fan of Maya bikini's and the **Nevis Ruffle bikini** is on my list! - i love my yellow one! - anyone else have a Maya Ruffle bikini too?! ... Then i have the Marc by Marc Jacobs Belleville bikini, once again top and bottom sold separately - this has that lingerie inspired look, vintage inspired as well - such a fan!!!

This Mara Hoffman bikini will surely get you noticed at the beach or pool! The Kardashin's were photographed in this Red Carter studded ruffle bikini - what do you think of it?!

i'm LOVEN' this bikini by **Undrest!** .. top and bottom sold separately! - and take a look at this one by La Perla *sigh* ..

Last year Joe got me 3 Missoni bikini's (what an awesome boyfriend, right?!) .. here's one worth taking a peak at, and it's reversible! ... This **Eres bikini** is the same one Britney Spears wore in a video (her's was white) .. i'm in LOVE with it, just not he price tag!

So any of these on your radar? - i'm the type of girl that buy's atleast 10 new bikini's each season - i adore the sun and like to tan it up (even tho i should really start using the SPF since my mom has skin cancer) .. but whenever i get a new bikini, i just know tiki bars are right around the corner :o)


Let me know what your thinking!


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