Sweet is Sweet

I'm going to leave you with these sweet images for the weekend

have an amazing weekend love-E's!

**sigh** i wanna met the guy who did this!!

that's enough for me!

i wanna come home to a bouquet in my mailbox!

What's your flavor?

rustic romantic . . .

this needs to go up on one of my tree's - i suggest we all have this message somewhere!

i can only imagine the sweetest dreams
the joy to swing carefree ~ reminiscing of childhood

What's 1 thing you will do today? .. me = dream

my mission is to leave this message for a special someone JUST when they need it!

where did you find love?


  1. Such a sweet photos:)
    Cant choose one I love...They all are adorable:)
    I found my love while exploring Europe...
    Kisses and have a great weekend:)

  2. Awh I ADORE these! Especially the top one. Swooning! :)

    Have a great weekend sweetie! xoxo

  3. Awww, I LOVE these! What a great way to start my Friday!!!! Thanks :)



  4. awww love all of these, they made me happy :)


    ps have an AMAZING weekend

  5. Sweet, adorable images. Here's wishing you a weekend laced with sweetness and love:-)

  6. Love these pictures. Love your blog! Found it through some blogging friends : )

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Siri (siriouslydelicious.blogspot)

  7. omg I want to meet that guy who left all the candy on the bed (first pic) I want a boyfriend who does that kind of stuff!!!
    So sweet and romantic!

  8. lovely photos!

    thanks for commenting my blog



  9. I found love at the office. I should go mark that place. HA!

  10. ooh love all of this .. pure sweetness captured by a camera!

  11. I love the swings photo! So beautiful! I found love at the Framingham Public Library - at 14 -that's right, a freshman in high school! We should go leave a little note there - it has to be a lucky spot! (however, I first saw him at the bowling alley a few weeks before our official introduction (be still my heart!) and now it's a juvenile courthouse... hmmmm... we'll stick with the library! 14 yrs later... I've loved him more than 1/2 of my life and love him today more than ever!

  12. waaa i also want a bouquet in my mailbox. >.<
    this post is lovely =)

  13. waaa i also want a bouquet in my mailbox. >.<
    this post is lovely =)


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