That's Patch Work Buddy!?!

Hope everyone had a FANTASTIC weekend! - plans changed - but ALL for the better! - so i'm all *smiles* .. hope every1 else can report all smiles too!!! *hugs*

So here is my current obsession - Squint Limited - yes i seem to have a lot of them - guess i'm a bit obsessed with things these day's - but after you take a look at this - i think you'll be obsessed too! - i want EVERY SINGLE THING!!!


i decoupaged my dresser once (i'll have to take a picture and post) - but it doesn't look as good as this one - but now i got new inspiration!!!  .. have YOU ever decoupaged before? - it's a great way to transform old tired furniture to something new and fun!!!

u should see the mirror's they have on the site, beyond fabulous! - and that chandelier, oh to be so lucky to have that!!! - but i'm thinking it can be a DIY project, no?!

i'll take both please! - i think this is THE best egg chair i have laid my lil eye's on!


this is ALL i need in my life!

These "do it" for you, like they do for me?! - i'd sell a kidney for this stuff!

( Ps .. i got a "Keep Calm and Snack On" serving try from Target this weekend, and i scored a Tibi halter maxi dress from Marshalss for $20!!!!! )


  1. I love this!!!! I am a huge fan of colour... that couch would match my living room perfectly! {{ Also glad you liked the headbands... my biggest problem is I can't narrow down one to get, I love them all! }}


  2. Hey there. Cool post. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for your comment on my latest post. Have a fantastic week ahead.

  3. Holly did a post on these last week on Decor8. I have to say I love everything about these things! So fun.

  4. thanks for visiting bebeloo. I grabbed your button.

  5. Very cool! I want one lol.

  6. Oh these are all so cool! So much fun. I love patchwork and color. That Chanel bottle is amazing :)

    Glad you had a good weekend despite your change of plans. Sometimes the unexpected things are the best :)

  7. Love the Chanel bottle (you must visit the Zhush at her blog and have her check out your Chanel bottle!) The bed would be amazing in a little girls room that is otherwise modern...the juxtaposition would be fabulous. Becoming a follower right now!

  8. Im totally with you there i need all this stuff!

  9. Those all look so neat! My favorite is the chandelier. So pretty, I'd love that over my kitchen table!


  10. What a great post...I really love those pieces and I would die for this bed....So creative and fun...I have a huge smile on my face...Great finds my friend:)
    Muah have a good day:)

  11. Hi Erika - Those are amazingly colorful items! How fun!!! Also, kudos on finding an outfit for $20.00! You are my new hero this week. Take care, darling.

  12. Love this post! This stuff is so amazing and fun!

  13. i love love love patch work!! these are so great, i've been trying to find a phone cover that looks like patch work haha

    and i love the serving try too :) i want one!


  14. these are awesome! I love the Chanel!

    Thanks for your email. Of course we can trade links- let me know! xxx

  15. Oh my! Oh yes! Who knew an overwhelming amount of color could be so enticing? :)

  16. I can see why your obsessed! All these pieces are soo fun. I love it all! Thanks for sharing :)

    And thank you for the sweet comment. I'm glad you liked the Lost ending since so many people are unhappy about it. I thought it was so beautiful and made me cry A LOT! lol.

  17. oh that chanel bottle is just AWESOME! (sorry, I dont have another word to describe it)

  18. this is one of the best post ever!!!
    I love patchwork and I covered with it my bicycle's basket!!

    bautiful pics


  19. Wow that Chanel bottle is amazing! Cool blog! xoxo

  20. that bed makes me drool!

    i've decoupaged plenty. my favorites were a pair flats with archie comics and a pair of chunky heels with origami

    but they are nothing compared to these!

  21. *Gasp* I think I'm in love with every piece here!! I was always told you gotta have statement pieces that tell something & of course have a splash of color! These are right up that alley!! That couch is beautiful!! I love alllll the colors.

    Hey I'm from Rockland County, NY..exit 172 on the garden state pkwy. It's like right over the jersey border. Your a jersey girl? Cool!! Where ya from?

  22. Amazing! I can't imagine how much time this takes. Love the artistry though. Glad to hear you had a great weekend and what a steal at Marshals!

  23. I love, love, love it all!!

    This so me, thanks so much for sharing, I'm thrilled to know about these pieces!

    Loving your blog too :-)

  24. It's so quirky. I love it! I have not done it myself but I'd love to try. You must post a picture of yours! Love to see it.


  25. Goodness gracious, those are gorgeous! I would like to try to make something like that myself someday.
    I adore your blog, by the way :)
    Much love <3

  26. Oh my gosh, these pieces are so cool!! How fabulous would these look in a stark white room? I'm in love! Heck, you think I could make one? Hmmm...

  27. These pictures makes my heart jump of joy:)

  28. wow they all look amazing!
    i want the chanel one.


  29. AMAZING this is rainbow heaven / my home. i have this love for rainbows, it's something i've never grown out of ...



  30. i am in love with these!! i want to cut up all my clothes and make everything patchwork! haha
    awesome blog, thanks for sharing!



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