Until We Meet Again Smurf!

Joe (my boyfriend) lost his father early Tuesday morning (4.27.2010) .. Joe "Smurf, Jo-Jo, Grumpy, Hammer" Cappucci is now an angel over us all .. sending animals (toads and snakes) to his grandsons last night (i can't wait to know what else he'll do) .. he was a man with golden hands .. dreamed the dream .. a heart bigger than life .. there's a million and one things i will miss about Smurf, until we meet again, watch over us all .. Love You!

What I'll Always Remember:

  • all the times we spent at the lake house upstate (he LOVED it there!!) 
  • the times we spent talking while we watched Joe play ball
  • he loved a packed house with friends and family, and was beyond an amazing host
  • has a gazillion fishing rods and hardly fished in his later years (did lots when he was younger); but still was always buying a new one
  • was particular with his tools, and many tools he had!
  • made sure to have Diet Coke in the house for me (if not would run right out to the store for it)
  • he always got me Valentine chocolates
  • helping me with my house (carpenter work and advice)
  • always asked me how i was (even when i forgot anything happened)
  • a laugh that captured a room
  • "Diddly-Doo"
  • loved to give to the ones he loved
  • quick with the one liners
  • always taking a backseat to himself
  • while he watched a boxing match he would throw punches and duck like he was in the match
  • him being "Grumpy"
  • his keys ching-a-ling-a-linging while he walked
  • his stories and what stories they were!!!
  • hearing his car down the block pumping the Temptations
  • ..... The list can go on for days! ....

I've been with Joe and his family for the past week .. their hearts are broke and their souls are lost .. it will take time beyond time for them to feel any ease .. but with the strength and love that's all around them, i have the faith they will be OK .. remember: without tears their will be no rainbows in our hearts and souls!


  1. Hi Erika, Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
    I got your button on my blog! With pleasure, you have a great one! Next week I will have my button too (I am still working on it) so maybe you could put it on your blog. You are very sweet and thanks so much for your comment and please keep them coming! I love them :)

  2. Oh I'm so sorry to hear. This is such a sweet way to remember him.]

    Seems like a strange transition but I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog & for leaving that sweet comment. I'm happy to have found yours too and I'm a new follower & definitely will add you to my list :)


  3. Hi doll, thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comments. Loving your blog too ;) Sorry for your loss and sending blessings. xoxo

  4. That was beautiful.... Thank you.

  5. That was beautiful !! Thank you so much for sharing your memories of my father. Everyone sees people from a different perspective, I'm glad I got to read yours.


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