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i hope EVERYONE had a fabulous weekend!!! ~ mine was filled with fun and laughter; hitting the beach with my girl Jax and the guy's; watching fireworks while Joe gave me a massage (saaaaWEEET!); walking and taking pictures around my neighbored; and seafood! (oh and a lil shopping, duhh, haha) .. i can only hope YOU all were filled with such happiness as i was!

well my Butterflies .. one of my fellow bloggers, Simply Luxurious, awarded me the Happy 101 award .. and let me tell u, it made my day *errr* week! ..

i'm one of those people that can go on for days when it comes to putting things into words, so needless to say it was really challenging to think of a "top 10" of sorts .. so i decided to just go with my quick gut .. and not over think any of it .. and well .. here's my take on the 10 things that make ME happy ..

1. This blog .. My Butterflies and Comments

Every time i get a comment from you, it makes my entire soul smile! - and when i see my Butterfly list expand with a new follower, i am charmed with excitement! - i started this blog after renting the movie Julie & Julia, and never thought anyone would ever follow me! - it has been so refreshing to put my thoughts, visions, loves, desires, ect. out there in the universe and leave it to do whatever with .. (( who would think a movie would prove so much within?! ))
2. Kayleigh (Maltese) and Peanut (Eastern Gray)
Kayleigh and Peanut are THE best pets (i hate that word, so unfamily like to me *ick*) ever!!! - Kayleigh is always sparkling, waiting for me to get home to play and exchange kisses (she's a teacup maltese)  ~ Peanut can't wait to play with me and his zebra (he's an eastern gray squirrel) ... they both bring me such simple joy .. makes me realize what it's ALL about .. pure happiness and simplicity! ~ pure souls!

3. My Niece
She is my sunshine! - whenever i get a message from her on my voicemail, asking me to leave work to play with her, or her running into my arms ~ this little princess is my world! .. she can not get any sweeter, smarter, happier, or divine! - she is just a bottle of perfection! ~ i will be her Tinkerbell flier, fort maker, and secret teller for as long as i live! *promise*

4. Lazy Sunday's
There's nothing better then after a busy week of work and play, to sit around the house in pj's and watch movies under the blankets! .. i *cherish* my lazy Sunday's! .. it's my time to just do nothing, center myself, and be thankful for all that i am! ~ i'm one of those people who need zen time to refocus and recharge - i can wear myself thin very quickly - and lazy Sunday's are my tool!

5. A Package in the Mail
it's no mystery i LOVE to shop (probably an understatement), whether it's at a boutique, in the mall, or on-line .. shopping almost defines me, in some crazy-unprofessional-absurd way .. so when i shop on-line and that package comes to the door - the butterflies start fluttering in the belly and i can not wait to see what's inside! - most of the time i forget what i even ordered or purchased at the mall ! (*ekk*, that's bad, huh?!) - so it's like a present to myself, on the regular! .. :o)

6. Spending Time W/ Family and Friends
ahhhhhh .. can it get any better then spending time with family and friends?! - the people who adore you and the one's you adore back! - i am beyond thankful and blessed for the people who are in my life - i swear i hit the lotto big time with my group! *kisses* - casual lunches with my Mom, boating with my Dad, going to the beach with Joe, helping my Brother, playing with my Niece, drinking with the friends, gossip with the Bestie, shopping with my Shopping Partners, talkin' 'homie' with my Homies -  exchanging thoughts with all those around me = pure heavenly bliss!

7. Cooking
no skeleton in my closet, that i love to eat and i love to cook! - my All-Clad collection is my pride and joy! - and whenever i'm out shopping i'm always looking for new utensils and cooking aids for my kitchen! - i designed my kitchen and i beyond love cooking in it - and not to sound to posh, but i'm a really good cook too! ~ recipes i love you .. i just wish u weren't so harsh on the hips ! ! !

8. Renovating and Decorating My Home
i've been renovating my home from top to bottom for the last few years - i'm down to only needing to buy and install the doors and moldings (i've been putting it off, for some odd reason, maybe b/c then it's the "end" ) .. and well every inch of my home is ME .. i picked out every little minor detail and so forth - just walking in brings a sense of calm to my being ~ and well ~ it just makes me simply happy ..

9. Nature
i LOVE taking walks, being at the beach, watching wildlife .. all that stuff makes me happy - for me it's soothing to know there's a bigger force out there - something more beautiful then magazines and models - that all this fuss about fashion is just silly and meaningless - watching nature, the beauty of a blooming flower, the conjuncture of clouds, crashing of waves, corn fields swaying with the wind, birds singing in harmony - that all is overwhelming beautiful and defines happiness for me!

10. Scent of Lavender
the scent of lavender puts me in a whole new realm of things ~ i absolutely positively LOVE the smell of lavender, so it qualifies as something that makes me happy! - i neeeeddddd to have lavender around me at all times, ok well maybe not "neeeeedddd" but you get the idea - it's serene and calming - whenever i smell it, i always have a smile on my face and my soul is calm ..
 *** Check out more things about me HERE .. i tend to smile A LOT ! ! ***

Lastly,  i'd like to award the HAPPY 101 AWARD to:
Simply accept and post the award ~ let your readers know 10 things that make you happy - and pass the award onto other bloggers .. keep the happiness alive and well!



  1. Lovely post and again, so much deserved. You write with such energy that it is intoxicating. =) Your house sounds like a dream. Isn't remodeling thrilling? I've only remodeled my bathroom, but the change it brings is amazing. I, as I'm assuming many of your readers, would love to see pictures of your home. Especially this kitchen!
    Thanks so much for updating my button's link - appreciate it immensely. Have a great week!

  2. Congrats on the award. You deserve it. I love the things that make you happy. There are so many that make me happy. I love to travel.

  3. Simply ... i DEF will get some pics of my "actual" house - i just wanna wait till all the final details are done - sorta' anal with that - right now i still have sheetrock dust on the floors and such - i haven't given' it a "good" cleaning just cuz i know it's only gonna get a mess - but can not WAIT till i share!!!! .. maybe i'll sneak a few in :o)

  4. Congratulations on your award! I love hearing more about you. I'm the exact same way about online shopping and getting the package delivered to my door. By the time it arrives, I almost forget that I paid for it and it just seems like a fun gift! Haha.


  5. Had a great time at the beach! Can't wait to do it again. Was hoping to go yesterday, but I was too red. I lounged by the pool in the shade. Loved your list as well!! xoxo

  6. Love getting things in the mail especially if the box says Nordstrom haha

  7. Ooo, great top 10! I love baking, online shopping, mail and date nights!

    Delightful Bitefuls

  8. I can't believe you have a pet squirrel! lol :) Happy June!

  9. Keith i LOVE to travel, but unfortuantly haven't done as much as i use too :o(

    Valerie aren't u a doll! *hugs*

    Jax we left at like 10am, didn't feel like dealing with traffic and we both were sooooo sore, haha .. ever go to TJMaxx and look at the Marc Jacobs tankini i got?!

    Jammer Holla! Nord'y boxes rock! - i'm no joke expecting a box from them TODAY! ..

    Mary joe and i use to have date night - i dunno whatever happened to it tho .. haha

    Jamie :o) .. i resuced him when he was only 2 weeks only .. i'm the only "mommy" he knows .. he's awesome!

  10. congratulations on your award, and thank you SO MUCH for awarding little ol' me. :) your blog def brings a smile to my face. way to spread the happy!

    <3 kel

  11. you are a DOLL and i just love you :P

    thanks so much for this fabulous award!! i wish i could give it back to you, but you already have it haha

    if anyone else had given it to me, you'd be on my list for sure :)

    i'm so glad you had a fabulous weekend, and your puppy is ADORABLE


  12. awh thx so much sweetie!!! u totally made my day. it's been hard to get back into the swing of things after a fantastic weekend but you totally helped! :)

    glad u had an amazing weekend. wasn't it just perfect here?

    also I'm so loving your list :)

  13. hey erika (you don't have to post this comment)! how do i post this amazing, lovely, super sweet little award you've given me? i'd like it to link back to you (like yours does for simply luxurious) on the side. is there some code? i'm still pretty noob-ified when it comes to this blog stuff. :P
    thanks again, lady!

  14. Loved reading your list! You totally rock and make me happy!

  15. I love this award because I love seeing what other people love! Congrats on your award :) Your squirrel is adorable! I can't get over it. I love cooking and nature too :)

  16. Gorgeous post, darling E!
    Congrats on your award and thank you so much for honoring me!


  17. Sweetheart, congrats on the award and thank you so much!!!! You are the sweetest!!!! It feels so are the best!
    Btw: Your weekend sounds so good and relaxing and your niece is adorable :)
    Kisses and have a great afternoon
    Ps: You comment was so cool...Made me laugh so much!

  18. Thank you Erika how Kind of you made me smile all morning. And through the cries of my little one who I again got an ear infection I think...
    Anyway, would love to see renovation pictures:)
    Have a Wonderful day!

  19. i never too "pre" construction pictures of the house - which i'm SO upset i never did - but i do have pics of just 'framing' - which i can show just frame to now decorated :o) ... can't wait till all done and polished up to share .. it's my lil pocket of sunshine on my section of this universe :o)

  20. people like you make me happy!!!!!! i love your list.
    thank you for the away my sunshine. xooxxo

  21. Beautiful pics and cute blog!!! xx

  22. Oh my gosh! I love your squirrel! I had one in high school - my dad came home from work and there he was - a little baby squirrel in the back of his truck. His name was Rodney and he was my baby for a few months - he loved baths and getting snuggled - but he was too wild to be kept in after his tail grew in totally. I was heart-broken when we had to take him to the squirrel half-way house (yes, there was someone who re-introduced squirrels to nature after they had been in captivity). I still think of him often - you are so lucky!!! Glad you had a great birthday weekend!

  23. This is an awesome post - love the photos and your top ten picks are gorgeous!!!


  24. So happy i made the top 10 you would've been my #1 :)

  25. so happy i made the top 10 it made my day you would've been my #1 :)

  26. Congrats on the award sweetie!! Thank u for passing one to me!! I will post about it tomorrow & of course link back to your lovely blog. Your doggie is so cute!! What a beautiful list. Lavender is my favorite scent. I love to cook too!! =)

  27. I think you picked wonderful things that make you happy! lazy sundays are definitely on my list as well :)

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  28. wow, what a post! love your blog. jules :)

  29. i want that tree house in #8. what a dream!

  30. what a wonderful post and congrats on the award!

    I can't wait for the day when my man and I build our home from the ground up. we've already designed it, just waiting for the perfect place!

    I also love that you have a pet squirrel! so cute!!

  31. Congrats! And so great getting to learn about you here!

  32. I remember lazy Sundays. Wish I still had them. Darn baby. HA!

  33. I absolutely love lazy sundays too but I just don't have enough of them!


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