Who says large is in charge?!

so let's face it - there's only 1 piece of jewelry that i want BIG - my engagement ring! - and as you know from reading here (or you do now) i'm no-where-near wanting to 'settle down'! - i just got done with my application to go in the Peace Corp, as a lil more proof of that! *excited & nervous*

i'm sure Joe is going to be calling me and say "why did you have me buy you this or that then" .. cuz well, let's face it once again, i change my mind ALL the time - it's just who i am - nothing is ever set in stone with me *oppsidy daisy* - b/c really i love the big chunky fashion jewelry too! .. i just blame it all on me being a Gemini!

i like the cheap stuff and i like the expensive stuff - either way i like jewelry!

so here's just a few pieces i have my eye on - that i'm absolutely wanting in my jewelry box!
 PS my house was robbed 2 summers ago, so there went all my estate jewelry and so forth, only a few things weren't taken :'o(   **totally get bummed when i think about it**

Cartier Love Bracelet ... i yearn for one!
i need this and my Birkin and i'm good as gold!

Bvlgari ring - i love em' both!
(joe got me a ring like the 1st one, stand alone larger diamonds, i wear on my thumb, i'd like one for my pinkie next.. all diamonds that is *teehee*)

Love necklace by Sydney Evan
i love jewelery like this - i totally gravitate towards words and initials - and she has the most amazing pieces!!!

Roberto Coin diamond circle earrings - killer no?!
Nashelle identity initial ring
love love love initial things - i gotta have em'!

Anzie Fleir collection ring

David Yurman pearl and diamond studs
i'll take anything David Yurman tho!

Gurhan textured ball necklace

Charriol braceletes
wouldn't you just die? - i know i would!

Jennifer Meyer gold ring

Mikimoto black pearl and diamond earrings

Ippolita stack-looking ring *sigh*

so here are some of my wants in jewelry (more to come) - i guess in reality there's a whole lotta' jewelry out that i'd really like to own! - i've started to 'refresh' my collection since the robbery - but i'll never have the pieces i once had - so for now, i'll have to deal with budget friendly pieces and dreams of the rest :o)

ANY jewelery you are YEARNING for?!?!


PS - yesterday @ The Dr. Oz show - made me TOTALLY rethink all these talk show things - it's all contrived - what you see is just cuts and pieces - and when you see people with the "concern, happy, agreeing, sad" look - it's all AFTER the show they make you "do" them for the cameras

i of course couldn't hold myself together and laughed through the whole thing - and i'm talking hold my stomach, crying, going into convulsions laughing - i couldn't take "now look shocked" and my friend next to me go "UHHH" and putting her hand to her mouth - i just LOST IT - i practically went to the floor laughing - so WHO knows if they'll wanna show me on the episode - WHICH they are splitting into 2

They will air in September - 1 was about hazardous products in your house (cleaners, pillows, plastic wrap) and the other show was about blood pressure and stuff .. i'll let u know when they come out

PSS - Kayleigh is going really good - she's still not 100% - i think she's still tired and weak - but she's playing, eating, drinking, AND she barked when she saw Ange!!!!  - but it was that crazy, i dunno who is barking bark, b/c it didn't sound like her :o( ..

PSSS - my poor lovey who got the tickets for Dr. Oz for us - comes home to find out her Mom, who's only 60, had a massive stroke and is paralyzed! - Dr. Oz started the show by having us look at a brain that suffered a stroke! - heart and prayers for Soleil!

enough is enough right now - healthy vibes fro everyone!
speedy recoveries!

(((gesh erika, enough with the talking!)))


  1. omgosh, I wantt wantt that cartier Love bracelet!! And peace corps? thats awesome!!

    <3 Kelly

  2. Goooorgeous pieces, darling!
    Especially loving those David Yurman pearl earrings!


  3. Those DY earrings are on my list too! I love all your choices!!!


  4. I have just this minute fallen in love with that cartier bracelet <3


  5. Love the pieces you posted, especially the Nashelle identity ring!

  6. I adore diamond jewellery! I like the Bulgari pieces - in platinum :-D

  7. ooo I love this jewelry!!! So classic and sparkly! I want them all!

    You have your jewelry stolen :( that sucks!! Was is stolen from your home or...? Jewelry is not only beautiful and valuable, it also holds a lot of sentimental value, at least to me.

    So you were in the audience for the Dr Oz show? Very interesting although I’m not overly surprised how they do the audience’s reactions. It would be fun to go to one of those, none that I know of in MPLS that I know of.

    I’m glad to hear about Kayleigh, but it’s so sad to hear about your friend’s mom – my heart goes out to her.



  8. Ohhh I am so sorry about your friend's mom...Hope she will be ok...Also very happy that your little cutie is doing better...

    The top ring is amazing..Love it:)

  9. Since I recently got my long waited for engagement ring now I am dreaming about my wedding band. I cant wait to go pick it out!

    Love all your choices here, those black pearl earrings are stunning!

  10. Would LOVE a Cartier Love bangle...and the Jennifer Meyer ring is so cute :)

    Your poor friend/her mom- thoughts go out to them...

  11. Great pieces!! I LOOOVE how honest you are ;) Cracks me up!! Boo about that robbery!

  12. 1. That totally sucks you got robbed! I'd be bummed too!!
    2. Love the initial ring - so cool!
    3. Show tapings crack me up. We experienced the booing at America's Got Talent. We all had to stand up and act like someone totally sucked - funny!
    4. Get well soon Kayleigh!!
    5. Sending best wishes to your friends Mom!

  13. Oh man I really love that initial ring. It's so delicate and adorable! I just received a pair of delicate aquamarine studs as a wedding gift from my husband. They're so pretty and sparkly and I love them! I also love my new wedding ring too :)

  14. ok this is a loaded post! First off wow- you are applying to the Peace Corps? That is sooo amazing for you. What an incredible experience that will be. And you got robbed a couple of summers ago? That is terrible! But these pieces are absolutely lovely. And, glad to hear Kayleigh is doing better but sad to hear about your mom's friend. When I hear stories like that everything becomes clearer for me and I really put things into perspective. And Dr. Oz-how fun!even though it's all stagged and planned out etc....
    ok seriously-this could have been 3 posts!

  15. i want every single thing!! loves!!

  16. I love jewelry! Oh, there are so many pretty ones here... but, I think my favorite has to be the Charriol bracelets -- wow and wow and wow...

    Hope you're having a terrific day,


  17. lady, you have been BUSY! where do you think you'll go with the Peace Corps (bravo, btw)?

    so sorry to hear about your friend's mom. that's just horrible. the brain is a tricky beast though -- we were told my dad might never walk again, and he is up and about 8 months later. each and every stroke recovery is different, so you just never know. sending good juju out to her.

  18. Wow these are all great picks! Totally have me swooning, sweetie. I've been loving the Charriol bracelets for a while now so I'm right there with ya! :)

    Bummer about the robbery...that's a hard thing to get over. My bag was stolen once many years ago and I still get upset when I think of it.

    Hope your friends Mom is ok. Sending good vibes to her and to Kayleigh. xoxo

  19. i want a judith ripka heart ring!

  20. You have great taste in jewelry and thanks so much for your visit and comment today!

  21. Hello black pearls! I'm actually thinking about a big semi precious stone or diamond pendant. I do deserve a nice anniversary and birthday present!

  22. I think I'm about to develop a jewelry addiction :)

  23. Why would you inflict jewelry lust on me? haha. I'm on a self-proclaimed shopping ban, too!

  24. I SO want a Cartier love bracelet!! xo


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