My Closets = Disasterville

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NOW to today's post: my closets aka Disasterville!

from Domino, had this in my folder for years, it's my inspiration
this is how i picture my closets actually looking - "organized chaos"

lord knows - my closets (yes with a "s") could have their own zip code and the town would be called Disasterville! - i have no rhyme or reason to my closet disorder - and disorder and a hot mess they are! - i have this very unhealthy behavior of buying things - my wardrobe is made up of 98% all designer and about only 20% ever being worn (not bragging nor proud, seriously!) - yet i can't part with the stuff - i'm an addict i guess - but i have to say i AM improving on saying "no" to myself and walking away from killer 'things' ..

*sigh* organized shoes AND a Birkin AND LV luggage!

but when i finally move into my newly renovated home (1 month is the goal, if the molding guy will ever show up)  - i plan for my closets to be in total order - shoes all lined up instead of just thrown and hidden somewhere in the mess - dresses hung by length and color - sweaters places neatly in my ceder closet (i have a large walk-in ceder closet in one of the upstairs bedrooms) - jeans hung by rinse and cut - i plan on it being a beautiful thing! - i'm even making an upstairs bedroom into 1 huge closet (i know i'll totally have to convert when i plan to sell) ..

i plan to make the upstairs bedroom look something like this
using racks - making it my own lil boutique - having it decorated from top to bottom

i love my clothes, shoes, accessories, and such - but i also know i gotta STOP the madness of it all! - i have been good (i only go to the mall 1 time a year, otherwise it's trouble) - and i plan to really try and just use what i have and not buy anymore! - i say this after i just bought a leather coat on Gilt Groupe *augh* - but i'm trying - and it's the total best i can do, right?!?! ..

love to have all my bags to be displayed and homed like this *cloud 9*

i'm at the point in my life - where i'm totally disgusted by my 'desginer' label affection (over it, well not completely) - and i want it to stop or well at least slow down - i have too much material possessions in my life - and i full heartily admit i get caught up in it all - so i'm going to try my very hardest to live through others and their fashion buys - work with what i have - and cleanse myself of this 'designer label' thing - focus on good energies, friends, and family - back to the simple way of life ..

how gorgeous is this - organization for jewelry, belts, sunglasses, ect *dreamy*

and well lets face it - i gotta work on designing fabulous closets in my house for display! *teehee* - oh and i just gotta buy a new bag for this fall/winter *i know i know* but i gotta or a lil piece of me will die :o(

i love how everything has glass doors and open for display like art!

i plan on getting a lot of help from The Container Store!


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Weekend Agenda:
Joe and I are heading to Long Island for the weekend - we'll be staying with friends, who get this, LIVE right on the beach *sighhhhh* - i can not wait - and it's Octoberfest, so hellllllo beer! .. should be super fun times! - can't wait!


  1. That shoe closet is a dream!!

  2. Swoon! I also love the Container store! xx

  3. Good luck!! my closet is a disaster, but it's tiny like you expect in NYC so i use that as my excuse hahah

  4. OK, I need to do some fall cleaning. You've inspired me - even if I'll never have a room that I can convert to that 3rd photo :)

  5. I am in the process of cleaning my closet! It's a mess and have promised myself not to buy too much stuff! at least will try ...
    I love the container store ...
    have a great weekend!


  6. I would not only like to have my shoes that organized, but I would also like to have enough room to display them like that :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Well my side of the closet is organized but the boyfriend's is chaos, not "organized chaos" just CHAOS. It's quite small, too so I use the closet in the spare room as well.

    I would love to have a closet like the one in the first picture!

    I can't believe how many clothes you buy! *I wish*

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Container Store is great and will have your closet looking lovely in no time!

    It's great that you have so much stuff and yes sometimes we do need to slow down (I tell myself after next week!). But now I'm at least really thinking if it's going to be a staple piece in my closet.

    Have a great time in LI and at Oktoberfest!

  9. I thought that was your closet at first! How gorgeous, I live in hope of my jumble sale ending up that stylish.
    Have a great weekend. xxx

  10. I wish I could have a closet as well organized as these!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. i dream of closets like this!

    have a great weekend!


  12. Love the idea of turning a room into your own little store... I might do that too.. we have a small guest room I want to turn into a close but racks would work too and be very chic!


  13. tnx for your comment. The perfect closet, every girl dream :P

  14. That's funny - I just got an email about SniqueAway yesterday and I had never heard of it before.

    More importantly, though, I went to the container store for my closets, and they are phenomenal there! So helpful! The best part is that you can always add components as time goes on.

    xo Marissa
    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

  15. I have uncontrolled chaos! The problem is my room is just too small to hold all my stuff. I really like the boutique-ish room...I'm saving that picture and hope to have something like that someday. I'd love to be organized, I just don't have the space!

  16. Soo inspirational, I want my closet to look like this!

  17. What a dream! Closets or rooms for it never seems to get big enough for all that you want to keep!!
    Have a fab weekend!

  18. Container store is the death of my bank account. I'm an organizing FREAK and this place does me in. I don't have closet units from them but they have fab reviews. I would LOVE to have a closet room complete with rolling rack and shoe walls :)
    Happy Weekend!

  19. These are very enviable closets!


  20. Moving DEFINITELY helps! Once my husband and I moved into our house, i've done much better at keeping (most of) my stuff in the master closet since its a walk-in!

  21. i LOVE the container store! i was just there a few weeks ago, and it seems they have EVERY last little thing we couldn't find anywhere else.

    my closet is a freaking nightmare right now. i need a major purge, and to start investing in a few good quality staples to balance out all the plaid and crazy patterns. :P ONE DAY i swear i'll take the time to do it...or the hubbers will lock me in there to do it. EITHER WAY, i feel your pain!

    GOOD LUCK! <3

  22. Ugh my closets are horrible too. How nice that you will actually get to be all organized when u move. It's such a dream of mine. And I can't even imagine having a closet room! You lucky girl! :)

    Have a great weekend, sweetie! xoxox

  23. oh wouldn't it just be amazing to have a whole room dedicated as your closet one day! Ah, that's my dream too - and with everything perfectly organized :)

  24. I want that shoe closet!:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  25. this looks like closet heaven...i can't wait to see your closet room when it's complete.

    i don't know if you were following when the chef presented me w/a redone walk-in that had formerly been a storage room (for my bday). it took my breath away! i did a post somewhere around then.

    anyway - since then i have been on strict wallet restriction b/c i realized how much "stuff" i have. making a concerted effort to live and enjoy what i've got b/c it was getting out of hand!!

    hope you're having a fun weekend, erika!

  26. I want a shoe closet like that :) Beautiful header mtw. Have a lovely day! :)

  27. my closet totally needs a clearout! i love everything in it but cant find most of it!

    Enter my Halloween giveaway:

  28. Love the container store and seriously your pictures are making me want to re organize my closet. I am thinking about ditching all my black hangers and getting wooden ones??? they look so amazing.

  29. i wiiiiish my closet was clean or even big in size. jealous. x

  30. Thanks for the info on Sniqueaway! I joined :)

  31. My closest is ridiculous right now. I did some fall shopping today, so I totally need to get in there and purge!

  32. These closets are insane!

    As for your closet, my friend, there is hope! I have an incredibly organized closet -- mini boutique style, and also, I created a post about closets that might help, perhaps? (it was a guest post I created)

    Maybe this will help :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, lovely lady,


  33. Hi Erika! New follower to your blog! LOVE your header! Just posted about my "closet room" this past week! Yup - we used Container Store to "Elfa" both our rooms and I LOVE IT! Best thing is that they keep all the pieces you bought in their files so if/when you move, you can take it and relocate it! They help with the re-configure and figuring out if/what pieces you'll need. Ahh - the dream closet - it's a never-ending quest...

    Hope you'll come and visit me!

    xx Vivian @

  34. Love the idea of displaying bags in that manner, and that accessories drawer is tdf! So great!

  35. man, I get so excited over an organized closet...

  36. Container Store is a girl's best friend (but wallet's enemy - not exactly cheap). But fun & addictive! A great way to pay a little respect to your clothes!

  37. on saturday i just cleaned my closets and i feel soooo good now! i had 3 closets overflowing with clothes and i discarded over 25-30 pieces, lined all my drawers with pretty gift wrapping paper and colour co-ordinated my clothes hangers...the works! now i love opening my cupboards and peering into neatly organized racks of clothes=)

    p.s. love that second last image of accessories organizer!

  38. I love your openness! You future plans souns great and I´m sure you will succeed!
    Good luck to you, I´m really looking foward to see your new organized closet further on:)!
    Happy monday!

  39. I LOVE your site! It took my breath away the first time i looked at it! Im a Newbie at thi Blogging...but wanted you to know you are listed on my page as one of my FAVS!!! I look forward to your posts daily! I have an Interior Design business in Texas and my site is Hope you visit! xoxokpb

  40. The celebrity closet... definitely a great dream of mine... one day, one day.

  41. If I could have a whole room to be my closet, I think I would be on cloud nine!

    I have a very overstuffed closet, so much that it spills over onto everything else.

    I wish I could get rid of things and have the neat organization I crave!

    I hope you are able to get things in order and start wearing your clothes!

    Chic on the Cheap

  42. I love your posts! Again you hit the spot since I will have my guest room to transform into a wardrobe soon! SO I plan on using this pictures are inspiration and I too will use racks to create a boutique effect!


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