Got it! -- Need Help! -- Signs

get ready for a WHOLE lotta' mis-mach right now - this post is ALL over there - but i do need HELP - if you know who created the "EYE" piece below - PLEASE let me know!!!! *thanks*
remember how i was DYING to get this Aiko top? - but i needed to wait for it to go on sale - well  hallelujah! -  Nordstrom came through for me - and i snatched this baby up JUST in time!
(i saw this on a girl in Starbucks, had to ask who it was by, ever since then i had to own it)


does ANYONE KNOW WHO CREATED THIS ART?!?! - (yes the eye)
i know it's creepy in a way - but i LOVE IT!
if anyone in blog land knows who created this piece - PLEASE let me know!!!

i am recreating this sign for myself!
if i had a store/resturant/ect i would definatly hang this baby up!
i think it's THE most adorable and creative thing i read in a long time!
how can you not smile when you read this?!?!?!

from reading here - you know i'm painting my front door yellow
(haven't yet b/c i've been so busy)
in addition i haven't re-faced my outside yet - and well good thing i didn't!
b/c i'm going to get the exact siding done from this house to mine
it's a match made in heaven! *sighhhh*


don't forget new give-away next week!!!

My Life:
so i'm sick - i have a cold and cough *boohoo* - feel like crap - hate being sick (but then who likes it?!) -- had to fire my carpenter who was to do my finishing work in my house (frustrated b/c now i gotta find someone new who is goooooood) - he for some reason thought he could raise his voice to me, be rude, and nasty - well well well - he just lost a whole lotta money for that bad attitude - do you ever get that, where guy's think they don't need to respect you b/c your a woman?? - that's whats been tough with my reno, b/c i've been calling the shots and so forth (a women, solo) - and i find a lot of men don't think i know what i'm talking about (and i do) - HOW annoying - so obviously those people never got the job! .. oh well, there goes my busy weekend of moving in - now it'll be me laying in bed watching movie after movie taking cold medicine upon cold medicine to get rid of this thing! - AND find a new carpenter in the process! - *ick* - hopefully Joe will treat me with some surprises this weekend to make me feel better :o)

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  1. I kind of like the eye print - it's interesting and I love the colors.

    Nice score on grabbing that top on sale - it's perfect for a night out.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love that sign! I'd be just the same :-)

    Hope you feel better soon!

    ~ Clare x

  3. That sign is too fun! I would want it if I owned my own store, too!

  4. Such a fun sign and great top. Re: the picture, could you recreate it somehow and blow it up yourself?

    That's annoying about the attitude but you showed him whose in charge!

    Get better my dear and hope you enjoy the weekend!

  5. HAha.. thats funny those work hours are exactly what I have. :)
    And i hope you feel better!!

    <3 Kelly

  6. I love the eye art- very striking- Have a great weekend and I love the idea of the yellow door- good luck!

  7. Ooooooooooooooooo Myyyyyy Gooooosh!

    THAT SIGN!!! I BUSTED OUT Laughing so hard I scared my puppy, Gizmo!!! I AM SOOOOO making that sigh up and TOTALLY putting it in the window of my store!!! Im not Playin, I am!

    I will send you a pic of it...IM sooo in love with that sign i completely forgot the rest of the post...Oh Good job grabbin that sweater!

    Get to feelong better love!

    PS! Ive missed you this week!

  8. That sign is so adorable! I want one even if I don't have a business.

    I think "shopping" off of other's outfits is the best. Then a real person is wearing it and not just a mannequin or hanger.

  9. Ick! Hope you feel better soon! Plenty of rest and liquids. :)

  10. Haha Love that sign. And for the eye art I have no idea who it is but why don't you make your own? Just get someone to take a close up shot and get it printed blue tint.
    Hope you feel better and find that dream carpenter!

  11. I just love that sign! And yay that the shirt went on sale. I love! Rest up & feel better sweetie. Try to enjoy the weekend xoxo

  12. Get better soon! And that carpenter had it coming. Don't be rude, ever. And I am also sick- we can be sick blogging buddies together!

  13. So sad you're not feeling well...fingers crossed for Joe to come through with the goodies. Love the sign..hahahahah

    Happy weekend sweets

    Hope you had a chance to enter the CSN Giveaway

  14. sometimes patience does give reward to those who wait~ great buy & looks so comfy as well!

  15. Love the yellow door- and that sign is great- so true when it comes to running a business!

  16. I definitely buy stuff after seeing someone with it! Love the sign. It made me laugh. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  17. Please feel better!!! and that top is pretty awesome, i kind of love it a lot!

  18. Have a great weekend girl. I'm so glad you got your top - now rest your head on it. You've had so much going on and now the butthead contractor. Good for you for canning him!! Monday is a new it's time to recoup! Can't wait to see your yellow door...


  19. Good call on the carpenter... shouldn´t take that from anybody...
    Hope you feel better soon!!!

  20. Thanks :)
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  21. I totally ask people where they got things all the time!! and I like the eye painting. captivating really. and I think a yellow door is SO welcoming!!

    I hope you will check out my giveaway!

  22. Feel better Erika and i'm happy you showed that punk whose in charge! Girl power!:-). Love the sign and i don't know who the eye artist is. Sorry:-(. I have a thing for art pieces that are faces so i don't think the eye is creepy at all. Rest up this weekend! XX

  23. Adore the sign...hoping you feel better soon!!

  24. Awww dear hope you are feeling better! Love that open hours sign, funny!

    Also, I ask people all the time where they get things, esp purses and shoes. I think people like to talk about it and are flattered:-)

  25. Feel better, I'm fighting something too. LOVE that shirt, great score!!!

  26. Love that yellow door! Hope you feel better!


  27. Erika, that eye print is so cool.... I can see you loving that! I am sorry you are under the weather and had a chauvinistic carpenter to deal with.... some people are just jerks.. you will find someone good. Lots of chicken soup, rest and a great movie or two. Don't worry about the other stuff... just rest and feel better! xo

  28. I ask people where they get things all the time - I even asked a girl where she got her spray tan!! haha I think she was midly traumatized by that one though lol

  29. Love that so fab! And the little bungalow with that yellow door is sheer perfection. Can't wait to see yours.

  30. Unfortunately, I cannot help you with the eye print, but I do LOVE that top. It's so effortlessly chic, really. As for the sign, it's fabulous! My mechanic has one that's similar, and I laugh every time I come in...

    Hope your weekend was perfect :)


  31. Love the yellow door - but maybe I'm a little biased because we have one!

    PS: Also thought you might be interested in a fab giveaway I'm currently running...

  32. I have an annoying cough, too... hope you're feeling better. Oh and I bet it felt good to fire an idiot like that!

  33. That is a great print {eye}!! I don't know who the artist is.. :(

    I hope you had a nice weekend. I really like the idea of the yellow door, it really POPS.

  34. hahaha love that sign. made me literally laugh out loud. Great top too!

    Thanks for reading and commenting so often on my blog! I've left you an award so hurry on over and pick it up and pass it on! yay!

    xo, colby
    electric fringe

  35. That top is really chic and I love the "eye art" as well :-)

    I hope your week is off to a fabulous start dear Erika...cheers: Evi


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