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gift guide idea's:

how comfy and feminine?! - get here

the most perfect lounge PJ pants! - get here

the wish tree - perfect for the one who dreams big! - get here

for the host who likes to stand out with their decor - get here

like to read -perfect gift here
(i want one badddd) 

jewelry by Jennifer Zeuner always is perfect - get here
hopscotch rug - for ur lil girl - get here

for the new parents who haven't lost their humor - get here

gadget lover who always needs to capture those moments - get here

every women needs to own a pair of Tory Burch Reva's - get here
perfect for any foody in your life - get here

the WOW factor for any girlie-girl - get here

the gift that keeps giving - get here

the girl who is all about her hair - get here

every baby needs wings, no? - get here

every loves love, right? - get here


accident update:
the detective came by yesterday - turns out the woman driving the Mercedes was 100% at fault - unfortunately herself and her 2 year old daughter are still in serious condition and the poor little girl has a broken femur (nearly impossible to happen) and lots of facial injuries and a punctured lung - the little 2 year old girl was NOT in a car seat - the woman driving the Mercedes was driving with no lights on - weaving in and out of traffic, passing people on the left and right (all accounts by witnesses) - in addition it turns out she had a fight with her boyfriend - was high on marijuana - and to top it all off, she has NO license! - all because she was in a "rage" these tragic events happened!

her poor little daughter is fighting to just stay alive! - thankfully my sister-in-laws Lexus held up and saved them! (this is their 2nd Lexus - been in 2 very serious accident - both not her fault - and they walked away with very minor injuries compared) - the woman of the Mercedes is currently getting charged with DUI and vehicular assault - right now i hope we all can pray for the little 2 year old girl fighting for her life - that she can pull through and miracles can happen!

my sister-in-law has 2 broken bones in her ankle and broke her heel bone - my Niece is sore, but 100% perfect little angle! - she hasn't shown any signs of trauma, still laughing and playing, and being her most adorable self! - my sister-in-law is of course in pain but is handling it like a champ! - managing to get around with a walker and a 'boot' on her foot - they leave for Disney World on Thursday - and so far the trip is still a GO - which can be great, b/c right to the front of the lines they go!

oh my sectional also arrived today - i had to send the left and right piece back - the leather was already torn - so i only have a corner piece (getting delievered Tuesday now) - it was the ONE thing that was gonna make my week "ok" - but overall i'm pretty *blah* with the whole thing - i'm just so happy i have my family and my true friends by my side! - things could of turned for the most tragic ending - and i'm just glad i get to see every one's smiling face!

Thank you for all your well wishes for myself and my family!

if we could all just say a prayer for the little 2 year old girl fighting for her life!
(please make sure your children are in car seats!)


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  1. Oh my, poor little girl - I hope she is ok!

    On a material note, sigh I want CLs more and more!

  2. Those pants are...fabulous...I think..or maybe just nuts. I can't decide if I love them or hate them.

    And definitely praying for that little girl.

  3. Yes please! to all of it, especially the wish tree :P

  4. Ohh I hope that the little girl will be ok...Please keep us updated, ok?
    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie
    Hugs and kisses

  5. Wow. I can't believe that lady put her daughter in danger like that! Please keep us updated on the little girl, I hope she's okay.

  6. Um, how funny is the wine bottle holder! And I will definitely be adding those shoes to my wish list! Great gift guide!

    Keeping that little girl and your family in my thoughts! What a terrible, terrible makes me so upset that because of one person's stupid actions, so many other have to suffer.

  7. these are sooo good! I would love to have any of these;)
    xoxo, Olya

  8. Praying for everyone involved, what a scary incident!

    The cowl neck sweatshirt is my favorite, I love the drape-y detailing!

  9. Oh that poor little thing! I can't believe parents can bring them self to do such a thing - they are supposed to be caretakers and guard their young!

    And a lovely gift guide, I would love to get one of those wish trees!!

    Hugs and bring my best to your sister-in-law. I really hope the poor little girl will pull through...

  10. Not in a car seat- WTF! I have never even driven a block without my kids in a car seat- it seems so counter intuitive-
    Glad your niece is okay- a broken heel and ankle sounds painful and not an easy heal- (no pun intended- joints are always tough to heal).
    I speak Polish fluently- dad was born there and I was raised in a totally Polish neighborhood in Toronto- to this day I only speak Polish to my grandmothers-

  11. Hey Doll! So sorry to hear of that! You and I are soooo on the same wavelength...I posted a TRAGIG story on my post today as well! I will pray....


  12. That chair is GR8! Like cuddling in the arms of an albino gorilla. :)

    Sorry about the accident, glad your family is safe and praying for the little girl.

  13. Erika so glad your sister is going to be fine. How awful for that poor baby girl to have a Mommy that doesn't care enough to keep her baby safe, you are right she really does need our prayers.

    Now, about the list you have two things that I would love to have, Tory Burch flats and the initial necklace, but the one I want is at Max and Chloe!!! Love it , but not this year, other gifts to be purchased!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet girl, Merry Christmas

  14. I love your list!!! So cute!


  15. That is so sad about that little girl! I will pray for her.
    I love that wish tree. I have seen those kind of trees for jewelry, but haven't thought of what other uses it could have. Love that.

  16. tha monkey is out of stock! damn!

  17. I want the enormous furry beanbag thing!

    Would love if you stopped by my blog sometime.

    Andrea x

  18. Oh god! That will teach me to get behind on my blog reading! So glad to hear your family is ok, but of course I will be thinking of that little girl. It's so hard for me to understand how a mother could put her child in a dangerous situation like that. :(

  19. Awesome gift ideas, darling!
    Especially loving that tree!


  20. of course we will pray for the little girl and her mother ( she sounds like she needs it so she can be a better mom) anyways too bad about the couch but yeah that your family is all safe with minor injuries.

  21. So sad, poor girl :(

    I love your selections. The wish tree is my favorite - perfect for hanging jewelry. I just bought my husband the flip for xmas (sshhhh, lol).

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  22. lovely ideas! that sweater is heavenly, and the tree is so chic, and the heels... *sigh* great ideas -- thanks so much for sharing them!

    hope your week is off to a great start, xx

  23. OMG Erikca-you have WAY too much going on. Is the little girl ok? I cannot believe she was not in a car sad.


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