If i could Vivre

if i could Vivre - ya know - if money wasn't any concern - here's what i'd get:

diamond earring, who doesn't?

oh yes - i'd LOVE to have these 2!

hold the front door - this lucite trunk is INSANE!

perfect for inside a grand walk-in closet, no?

i want this bag - NOW!

perfect gifts!

had to re-post this chair - it was in one of my very first posts - i'm in loooovvveeeee!


My Life:
just when i think it couldn't get worse - my Mom's Dr called her last night - irate that the ER let her go home and she needs to get to the ER immediately - her white blood count is high - and needs to be in the hospital - this of course causes frantic emotions - getting different diagnosis - no doctor knows up from down - Mom decided to stay home last night - currently on the phone with Dr'S now - getting all her tests lined up, ect. - i'm sure i'll be off the hospital later - then in the mist i gotta pick up my Niece from school and take her for a haircut and her allergist

everyone is worrying about me - i'm FINE - i'm reading a book right now - that i started before "all" of this - and it has been so helpful to get my mind in the positive and how to keep myself equal and balanced - right when this all started i knew the 'negative' people in my life would stay that way, so i completely shut them out for good - which is something i should of done years ago - i have such an out pour of pure love and support from my friends - i am really OK - i just want my family and friends to all be HEALTHY and HAPPY - that's all i want for Christmas - nothing else in the world matters!

oh and Kayleigh is perfect - she's her perfect lil pup self - Karen (sister-in-law) is doing great - and Caitlyn (niece) is wonder child, she's beyond perfect in every way!

i'm OK - just EXHAUSTED
( literally at the threshold of crashing into a coma from exhaustion )

hopefully no more "my life" updates for AWHILE! right?!

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  1. Ohh I am so sorry about your mom! Keep us updated please:)

  2. Praying for you and your mom Erika... it's so worrisome and exhausting. Good to shutting out negative people.. they only bring you down.
    On a lighter note, that lucite trunk is the bomb... never saw one like that! xo

  3. I'm glad you're okay through all this. I hope all goes well ASAP. Your mother has been through so much already.

  4. Praying for knowledgeable doctors and a speedy recovery for your mom.

    Getting rid of toxic people is often necessary..

    I would love to have those diamond studs...really and truly.

  5. Thanks for the update! Definitely good to avoid negative people, you definitely don't need that now.


  6. Erika,
    Your wish for Christmas has me touched, as health is the one gift we can't always give ourselves or to someone else. My thoughts are with your mother, you and your family. How lucky that your niece has such a fab aunt to help take care of her! If health and happiness are in line, then I'll take that lucite trunk, the handbag and the bracelet!

  7. I hope all the tests with your Mom go okay today. And I'm glad to hear everyone else (including your little puppy) is healthy!

  8. OOOOOOOOOOOOO! Im gonna go with the DIAMOND EARRINGS fo sho!!! AND, the happy healthy family and friends! Erika! You ARE a BLESSING! AND...You ROCK! You posts never cease to AMAZE ME!


  9. I'm so happy you can let it go and breathe - care for you and your needs - it's vital. Not easy either. To let the positive and the healthy in will heal you... believe me I know - Cancer survivor, just left an 8 year abusive marriage, survivor of child abuse. I'm a strong woman who loves people, has been blessed over and over and just keeps believing that God holds me in HIS hands every moment. I believe in you and wish you peace, Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  10. Ooops, prayers for your mom of course and put those negative people and thoughts right in that lucite box and kick it to the curb! Jennifer

  11. I'm sorry to hear about your mom - I hope everything turns out okay. I am in love with that feathered chair and lucite trunk.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  12. Gorgeous selections, darling!
    The chairs are especially amazing!


  13. Love that trunk!
    So glad everything is good with Karen & Caitlyn. Really hope everything improves with your mom very, very soon..

  14. HI´m really hoping everything will be ok for you and your family soon!
    Positive thinking is the only way to go, you´re for sure on the right path!
    Lovely pics of fantastic items I feel drawn to as well. The blue chair is my favourite and the trunk(wouldn´t be too hard to make one of your own in acrylic glass:)!
    Hugs to you!

  15. Stay strong! Sounds like you're doing wonderful and helping everyone out, good for you. I hope things go better and they will if you keep positive!

  16. omg erika keep hanging in there and get yourself the trunk. and that bedazzled head. and the chair. just get it.

    and oh the things i don't include on the blog (like a friend's daughter ending her life on sunday). i'm telling you. tis the season to crawl in a hole and not come out til spring.


  17. oh goodness- I hope you get your wish lovely lady!

    Why do I NEED a see through truck- seriously now I NEED it.

  18. hope things work out for you...sounds like a lot of stress...you need a nice massage or something ;)

    PS- vivre.com is so fab!

  19. Lovely items!


  20. Particularly love the cuff with the butterfly- Super cute! :)


  21. The earrings and the cuff...FABULOUS!! I'll take either one. Hope your Mom is better soon...the unknown is so frustrating!!

  22. Love the chandelier and the cuff! I love that you're keeping a positive outlook too! Keep us posted on your Mom's progress. Hugs!

  23. Keep holding your head up high. I'm so glad you have a wonderful network of family and friends to help in this rough time. And it seems like all your blog readers are sending positive vibes your way...the more positive energy around the better;)
    PS That chair is sooooo Fantastic! I'm not surprised you would want to post it again!

  24. Sweetie I'm so sorry to hear about everything that's been going on! I'm sorry I've been off for a while and had no idea. I'm praying for your Mom sweetie and sending good vibes your way! xoxo

  25. Cute collection! Praying for you mom.



  26. Your mom is in my thoughts and prayers!

    I didn't even know that was a trunk at first, cool!

  27. if you are feeling so exhausted you need to take care of yourself lots!

  28. Erika-what's going on with your mom? I hope she is doing ok. I hope you are well and hopefully reading and relaxing a bit is helping :)

  29. That lucite trunk is amazing, I definitely need one in my imaginary living room! Sounds like you're being very strong through this, and that is so impressive.

    xx Cristina

  30. I am praying for you guys! Keep us posted!


  31. Love the earrings!
    And best wishes to you and your family in this hard time!


  32. Good gracious Erika!! Thanks for the update, still praying! Get some rest girlie :)
    On a lighter note...how fabulous are ALL of these items?? Holy Moly!!

  33. I do know what you are going through. My Mom had cancer and my Dad has lived with Cancer for the past 14 years.

    Keep a journal of doctor visits, medication, and reactions to meds. It does help when your going from one specialist to the other.

    It is a hard road for all involved and sometimes I would just put it out of my mind so I could breathe.
    Much love to you lady....

  34. I really do hope your mom is doing okay!!! And that you get what you really want for Christmas!

  35. oh dear, I hope she will be okay! I will include your Mum in my prayers today... dear me! As for the pretty things, I am over the moon over that lucite trunk and chandelier -- heavenly :)



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