well - um - hello there!

hi loves - YES i'm alive and well - i've been disconnected from blogland - well actually entire Internet land - i'm back for a quick second tho - don't worry loves, i'll be back in full force soon enough! - i can see 2011 already, looking bright and happy to me!

here's the super quick roundup

1. i got cookies sent to me Christmas Eve by a friend - made me cry :o)
(they were good karma smiley face cookies - i love good vibes)
2.  my 'hosting' gig went so well - everyone was impressed!
3.  Christmas was lovely, no complaints, just smiles and laughter!
4.  I got more presents then i EVER would of expected
5.  my Nieces birthday (26th) got bamboozled by a blizzard, but Joe and I made it to see her
6.  Yesterday took me over 4 hours of snow blowing to SEE my car
(got over 32 inches of snow in Jersey)
7.  i got to play in the snow, by myself, but i have to admit - felt like a kid again!
(got to wear my new snow boarding pants, so that was a plus)
8.  i'm beyond sore and still so tired
(but it's getting better - i have all sorts of bruises i have no idea what from - strange) 
9.  i'm a lil bummed i didn't get to go after Christmas shopping for all the sales
(b/c the blizzard came and yesterday it was ALL about cleaning up after it)
(really wanted to get to Pier 1 and Target for holiday decor for next year)
10.  Mom's surgery for gallbladder went super well - she goes in for first dose of radiation today (breast cancer) - other surgery will be done in Philadelphia in the new year - but she's been such a trooper! - so proud of her!
11.  i'm just so happy my loves, i'm just super blessed and happy - i couldn't ask for a better life!


(love to hear about them!)

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  1. Omg the snow was ridicolous!! I'm happy tho it started on Sunday after Christmas. It took me a while to dig out my car & my parents! Aww I'm glad to hear your hosting went well!!! I'm going to TRY to hit up the sales today but the roads up here are still pretty bad. NY really needs to get a grip on the plowing situation. So happy your Mom is doing great & prayers to her & best wishes that her first dose goes smoothly! I'm rooting for you guys! Have a great week Erika!! Be careful!!

    Melanie's Randomness

  2. I didn't get to do much after Christmas shopping either. The parking lots were always full. And whenever I finally found myself inside the mall, I was quickly back out again because I honestly hate going shopping when it is jam packed with people.

  3. sounds like a great holiday so far!! can't wait for 2011 either but crazy how time flies!!!

  4. I love that your friend sent you cookies- I love things like that :)

    My new year's eve outfit will also be my 30th bday outfit, since they're the same day :) It's a hot mess but it makes me smile. I bought a tutu!!! And I have leopard tights and a purple sequin tank and my favorite purple ugg boots. Yup. Mismatched and awful, but all my favorite things so I plan to wear them all and smile!!

  5. Glad the family is doing well! Hope you're doing ok under all the snow!

  6. Erika, it sounds as if you have wonderful perspective for the New Year, You are such a dear sweet person. Blessing to YOU and yours sweet girl,Kathysue

  7. Bless your mom! I am so glad it went well.

  8. I am thrilled your mom is doing okay. I assume she was out of the hospital Christmas day. I am glad you had an awesome Christmas. I really need to go to Target now!

  9. what a wonderfull ad jajaja, Wish you a happy new year! :) xoxo

  10. Hi I am looking forward to the NEw Year!!!! :) Hope all is GREAT in your world.


  11. Lol - that sign is hysterical! So glad to hear that you had a nice holiday and that your mom's surgery went well. Happy New Year sweetheart!

  12. I saw what you East Coasters are experiencing with your blizzard and it's crazy! I hope the weather gets better soon so you can go shopping! ha ha. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, Erika!

  13. Glad to hear your mom is allright and that you had a lovely Christmas :)

  14. So happy your Mom is doing better. Wishing you and your family a happy and healty new year!!

  15. Well...HELLO Back! Yay! So glad to hear all was Blessed! Thinking of you and your mom daily, of course! I would have LOVED to see you out playing in the snow alone...You big KIDDO...I SOOOO would have joined ya!
    Love ya!

  16. I'm so glad your mom is doing good! and I live in NJ too, so snow ready did kill my after Christmas shopping, but it looked very pretty;)

  17. It sounds like you had the best Christmas! It's hard to believe it's over. But I'm looking forward to a new year!


  18. So glad you had a fab Christmas with the family. Hosting is so much fun but tiring so I hope you got some lazy days in...

    Happy New Year.


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