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ladies and gents - i have found my coffee table! - it wasn't "exactly" what i had in mind, which was a clear lucite square table - but this one grabbed my attention and i haven't been able to stop thinking about it!

i found this at Williams-Sonoma on sale  - i would of loved to spend less money on this table - but it's perfect in so many ways, that i know i just gotta suck it up and spend the money! - the cherry top will be a perfect match with my cherry wood cabinets in my kitchen and the legs match my lighting fixtures! - it's coming Monday - i'm over the moon over this!!!


this weekend i also broke down and spent an unimaginable amount of money on window treatments for my living room window (yes for just 1 window) - i told myself i would never be 'one of those people' who would buy 'those' curtains (know what i'm talking about?! ) - but i did - another one of those moments, where i know i never would of been happy if i didn't buy them!

they are silver pure silk curtains that are lined in the back in white (i hate seeing colored curtains on the outside of houses, i dunno why, just pet peeve of mine) - this weeks mission will be returning ALL the other window treatments i bought before i found "the ones" (pic above aren't exact one's, but super super close)

Note to blog buddies:
SORRY i haven't got to many of your blogs over the past week and probably for this week too - i have had such an insane schedule that i've had zero time - hopefully my life will get 'back to normal' SOON enough and i can get my butt on ur blogs and comment away - I'VE MISSED READING THEM!!!

PS - hopefully i can post during this week and next - and i just wanna say HUGE THANK YOU for all your comments - LOVE reading EVERY single one - *hugs*

My Life:
so excited - my fave girls are all coming over tomorrow to see my place and i'm having a seafood spread for them! - i'm so excited to see my girls and have quality girl time! - *ekk* - PLEASE Mother Earth NO MORE SNOW or ICE so i can see my ladies! - thank you!

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  1. Ooooo I actually love that coffee table! It's not traditional so it looks really cool! If those curtains make you happy, then by all means have them & enjoy them sweetie! I hope the snow stays at bay so you can have a fun night tomorrow!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  2. That coffee table is really pretty and the silk curtains are beautiful. Good for you,sweetie for getting them:)
    Happy Monday and enjoy your day

  3. Great choice, I love it! It's so unique and not the typical style of coffee table you would see in someone's home.
    Happy Monday!

  4. I love that coffee table! Will you show us how it looks when it finally arrives??

  5. I hope you have an awesome time with your girls. Love that coffee table.

  6. I am searching for a new coffee table too. It is very hard to find the right piece that fits your lifestyle. Mine will have to be something with storage (kids and hubby) Love your pick. Will be perfect with the new couch.

  7. I love the curtains and the coffee table darling. Hope you have fun with the girlies my lovely ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  8. I love the table! And your curtains are gorgeous! I'm praying for no more snow too. - fingers crossed-

  9. That isn't the typical coffee table I would be drawn to, either, but it certainly is nice. I also love clear Lucite tables. There is something so minimalist and modern about them.

  10. Love your window treatments! Now that I'm in Asia I've vowed to buy the textiles for awesome window treatments here - we'll see if they make it back to the US!

  11. that coffee table is fantastic!
    I am, too, tired of all this snow here in NJ....enough!

  12. oh yeah, great coffee table! and i love the clear lucite furnitures!! they are so pretty and modern! and I spent a lot of money on my window treatments too =X youre not alone :)

  13. Erika that table is fabulous - and with all you've been through you totally deserve to treat yourself.


  14. I used to buy window treatments at the Christmas Tree Shop and my house I probably spent hundreds of dollars on curtains that ended up at the Salvation Army because they were "wrong". Then I went to Pottery Barn and spent about $200 on a pair of rich, beautiful, HIGH QUALITY silk curtains for the bay window in my living room and now my house looks...delicious. :) So worth it!!! Same goes for furniture (generally). Your coffee table is amazeballs and I can't wait to see real pics of both in your house. Go Erika!!

  15. Mmm the seafood spread sounds lvoely, and I LOVE the curtains!!! Sometimes it's worth a splurge here and there:-)

  16. WOW! Looks you are makin it
    Go-Jus!!! Would love to see it all :0(

    love ya!

  17. A very nice designs, love the colors but I don't see any lightings. Such as lampshades
    . Lighting designs also adds beauty to a home.


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