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I’m participating in A Hasty Life's blow crawl that during the month of January (January 10 - 14 and 17 - 21). In honor of her blog reaching 100 followers, she is gathering a group of 100 bloggers to participate. “It’s In the Bag” is a series focusing on what your purse looks like and what you keep in it. The guidelines are outlined below:

1. Post your “It’s In the Bag” post on your assigned day during the month of January
2. Include the “It’s In the Bag” button at the beginning of your post
3. Include a photograph of your purse
4. Include a photograph (or several photographs) of the contents of your purse
5. Tell us a little bit about what your purse and its contents say about you
6. Link to the blog who posted the day before you and continue the crawl by linking to the blog that will follow you

Pretty easy, right?! In return, Ashley will post a link to your blog (with your button, if you have one) on the day of your post. I think we could have a lot of fun with this! If you are willing to participate, please email Ashley at ashley {dot} hasty {at} gmail {dot} com! When all the slots have been filled, Ashley will email you the master schedule. If you know of someone who might want to participate, please have them contact Ashley!

Here's my bag i'm using now:

Louis Vuitton Totally GM
(i got it from my boyfriend as a graduation gift, i was suppose to use it as my 'teaching bag', but then (in typical fashion) i decided not to go into the teaching profession - so after a bit of hounding from him, how i never use any of the bags he buys me, i took this LV out of its dust bag, where it has spent over a year, and i'm finally using it - i have a collection of LV's, but lately i've been more into the newer designers and not into the 'big name designers' that scream 'look at me' - but for Joe, i'm using it and hoping the handles start to turn color soon! i always hate the new color of the handles b/c people can't tell if it's real or fake when it's brand new, ya know?! )

What's inside:

Louis Vuitton International Wallet
Burberry cosmetic case (pic below with contents)
Kate Spade 'darling, darling' pouch (used for famine products)
Tom Ford Samantha sunglasses
DKNY black leather coin purse (holds gift cards, discount cards, and coupons)
Keys w/ Cole Haan heart key chain
Tweezerman beauty kit
React 5 gum and mints
North Face gloves (in side pockets of bag)
Bella Roma and Bella Gina's menu's
Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer
Barney's NY yellow leather zip pouch (holds Advil and Vitamins, spare keys)
Fendi card holder (misc credit cards and business cards)
Pink leather bound journal from Nieman Marcus

A little bit about it all:
i like to carry a lot of things - but i also like everything organized - i don't like clutter - i guess i should say i like organized chaos - i like knowing exactly where everything is and having everything i will ever need with me - ( band aids, tweezers, nail file, chap stick, toothpicks, famine products, sun glass cleaner, hand wipes, tide stick, perfume, gift cards, Advil, vitamins, mints, lipstick, pens, ect ) - so you will pretty much always see me with a large bag, unless i prepare myself for a day of shopping and i will switch to a much lighter and smaller version - also i spend a lot of time with my Niece, so i need a large bag to put her 'things' in when we go out - i always seem to hold onto every one else's things - in addition i never really change my bag until i get a new bag, and most often i never go into my bag arsenal and reuse my bags - i have a very extensive collection of high end bags that i refuse to part with - my Niece is gonna LOVE me when she gets older and has all my amazing vintage bags to borrow *kinda' proud moment here*  :o)

SO THERE YA HAVE IT - what's in my bag!

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  1. Lovely bag - such a classic :)

  2. Cute post! My handbag always has some treats, crayons, drink cup, etc for my I'm really carrying a handbag for my kids!

  3. Love the bag and this is a great series! So fun! XX

  4. I know what you mean about the switch to newer designers instead of the big ones. I think thats been a pretty steady trend in the world of fashion. The logos aren't as attractive anymore! I love your pink journal! I'd write in it everyday it is so pretty!

    Thanks so much for participating!!

    <3 Ashley

  5. oOOOOooo I love your bag!! The burberry cosmetic case is adorable!! =) I have a pair of North Face gloves. They are soo warm!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  6. Pretty pretty! I'm participating on Friday :)

    P.S. The elephants are on their way this week! ;)


  7. You have the best accessories! Ooh I hadn't seen the Tom Ford Samanthas (obsession slowly starting)

  8. You are totally sporting and enjoying a bag I would dream to have! Go you!! XO

  9. I love your bag and all the goodies you carry!!! Such a fun thing to do!

    Happy Monday! xo

  10. I have a Tide To-Go pen in my purse, too! It's an ESSENTIAL! Is that your house in the background? ; )

  11. This is such a cute series and I love your bag:) Happy Monday,sweetie

  12. You really are organized! I like all of your little pouches, especially the DKNY black leather coin purse. xoxo

  13. So fun - I love seeing what's inside people's bags!
    Hope you had a great weekend :)

  14. Fabulous bag and contents, darling!
    Fun tag!


  15. Very nice, I can't own anything that nice...I don't take care of things properly.

  16. this is awesome! what a great idea for a blog crawl.

    i just cleaned a mess of c-r-a-p out of my bag, so i'm feeling a lot lighter these days! :P

    ps - i totally agree about the handles! :P

  17. Very fun!! I'm doing one later this week :)

  18. I am all about organized chaos in my bag...I carry way too much but I can't imagine being without it! Love this bag crawl!

  19. I just got the anthropologie mag this weekend and they have a similar concept for their handbag collection- I love to snoop!

  20. I know this makes me totally voyeuristic, but I love these "what's in your bag?" posts!

  21. I love a good louie. They last forever!

  22. I love your bag! And I love this photo of you! You are gorgeous!

  23. love your bag! so cute :} thank you for your lovely comment on our blog! its much appreciated :] we are now following you too! hope you'll come back & visit us soon <3

    xo, camilla & valerie

  24. Girl you have some loot in there!! Love that big - suits you perfectly. So not a teacher (I did the same and never was!)


  25. Impressed with how organized it looks, even your girly things have a home. haha

    I love LV bags but I agree, right now I am sporting a leopard bag for fun.

  26. great bag! you can never go wrong with a vuitton! =)

  27. great bag! you can never go wrong with a vuitton! =)

  28. I love a Hasty life! How fun:-) Great bag too!

  29. love your Louis! Tons of people today posting have a tide stick! Lol!

  30. Love your bag and everything in it! Especially the cosmetic case - so cute.

    Happy monday!


  31. classic bag and so perfect for travel. love the pictures with you and all that snow!

  32. classic bag!

  33. haha, well your purse is a little more, shall we say, "chic" than mine. I have gum wrappers, change, and lip gloss all strewn about. I love the LV though. A classic beauty!

  34. I will get one one day. Love Vuitton, every girl should definitely get a LV.

    Maybe we can follow each other?


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