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looking through a lot of the Spring/Summer 2011 collections - i found there to be alot of whites, nudes, navy blues and bright lips - as well as i saw a lot of flowy loose fitting dresses, tailored menswear, high waisted pants/shorts, and hair was pulled back .. i feel as thought this years SS2011 is similar to last years - anyone else feel the same way? - i think it's kinda' good b/c all our items we bought last year we can wear again this year :o)

the following below are some LOVES i'm feeling for the SS 2011 lines out there:

these Micheal Kors glitter baggy pants are on my DREAM list to get!!!

this Marchesa dress is stunning - dreaming of the possibility to ever wear it!

1. i love a long dress, 2. i love a flowy dress, 3. i love a dress you can dress up or dress down, and 4. i want this Tibi nude tone dress! - i'd wear it with my hair pulled back and sandles, just like shown!

i picture Jennifer Aniston in this MaxMara dress, no?!

most adorable lil blush tone baby doll dress by Temperley London - great lil dress for every one's size and shape!

i have a real love affair with ANYTHING with a tail! - this dress has a tail, lace, is airy, feminine, and white - there's nothing i wouldn't love about this ADAM dress!

for youth and color - this Twenty8Twelve lil number is perfect!

Bensoni did a fabulous job mixing prints - i loved this look - i can imagine myself on an island or cruise boat wearing this!

Alberta Ferretti has a collection i can't say enough about for SS2011 - then again i'm always ga-ga over her clothes! - anyway this outfit is just adorable - menswear with famine flowy top - just perfection!


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  2. Im madly in love with Micheal Kors collection. I could wear most of his designs:) they are totally amazing!

  3. Hey Love! I am CRAAAAAAAAAAZY for that Marchesa Dress! WANT! I would LOVE to wear it! Its almost "Angelic"! And the Loooong FLOWY dress just below the Marchesa...Would love to wear that too! SNAP! Back to my REALITY!

    Love ya!


  4. Ooh yes get those Michael Kors glitter pants!

    Glad you got your nail polishes!

  5. I am smitten with the Tibi dress too. I could live in that one.

  6. I love Michael Kors- I always love his vision and he soo cracks me up on Project Runway.

  7. Fabulous elegancy! Liking best the Max Mara dress! Need to wear tight clothes or I come of as huge...?
    Fab post!

  8. Love all of these pics! I so see Jennifer Aniston in that MaxMara dress too - ha :)

  9. So gorgeous! And I totally picture Jennifer Aniston in that dress also!

  10. GIrl...I need someone to dress me at this point, I will take one of each - they all look gorgeous

  11. Love them all, especially the Michael Kors. XX

  12. oh i love these looks - esp that 2nd to last... that skirt - think i could pull that off?? :)

    happy new years!!! been awhile since i've come by :( soooo busy!!

  13. I love the part about Aniston...yes I see what you see :) You've featured a great list of wants, haves and should gets! I should get me a pair of those legs is what I really need to pull my wardrobe off properly!! XO, Kelly

  14. I loved the entire Jonathan Saunders collection!


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