What's not to love?!

woke up to MORE snow (north New Jersey) - wasn't suppose to start till midnight - now will be snowing until 3am and getting at least 6 inches but up to 12 - at least i'll have a 'work from home' day tomorrow - which means snow blowing, shoveling, then movies and bubble bath!

now some of my loves:
my brother had the hanging pot rack in his first place - i'm still 'over the moon' over the concept - love the ladder *sigh* - black trim and tons of windows, what's not to love?!

love love love - the bright sofa, understated pillows, square chairs, wood wall, huge artwork free standing over the fireplace, chandelier, floor to ceiling windows, french doors, original wood flooring, insane crown molding - do i need to explain more?!?!
these gypsy inspired frocks - literally craving here! - on the search as we speak to find one of these - must must must have!
*sigh* - do you see those gold leaf door in the background?! - the organization of the closet - and the light fixture - i love thy!

WHAAAAAAA - i am SOLD on this ceiling - and the old vintage books - HEAVEN!

can you just imagine yourself sipping a glass a wine looking onto this lake in the spring?! - with the lush greenery, tranquil water, birds chirping - i'm lost in the image right now!

cutest lil girls play room - i actually got my Niece that pink bike (well the car/cart actually, but same company) -- i'm no where near wanting to have a baby but this make my heart wonder!

this picture reminds me so much of my boyfriends lake house in upstate NY - i would die to own a log cabin - it's so not "me" but so is "me" - follow me?!

i wish i made this confetti/pinata "5" for my Niece - i guess there's always "6" tho!



PS - girls night 2 is OFFICAL! wooohoo! - and i SO thought i would never be the 'dinner party' girl - but mine are super lounge/cool/relaxed - nothing cramped and proper - it's a bunch of gals being themselves - it's pretty much like a grown up slumber party - what's NOT to love?! *ekkk* - love my girls!

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  1. Love this selection of photograph...the wardrobe *sigh*

    *following your lovely blog*

    Eda ♥

  2. That bright sofa looks so perfect in that room:) I love it..Its snowing here too...Ufff..Happy day, sweetie

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful Garnish party supplies GIVEAWAY today :) ...Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

  3. Dreamy photos to start the day! ...love that bedroom and the sitting area by the lake ...HHL

  4. We are so on the same wavelength - the rooms in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th pictures need to be mine!

  5. I would love to own a log cabin too. BUT.. a business partner of mine here at work as one in VA and says they are a nightmare for maintenance!
    After hearing her story it made me reevaulate it!

  6. You selective eye and passion for the details are completely spot on!! black windows, gold leafing, beautiful storage, pops of yellow...wow, I feel like my eyes just had a full meal :) XOXO

  7. I adore every single photo here!!! That bedroom! That chandelier! Gorgeous!

    Congrats on another girls night in. I love those- something about lounging around and having fun is just so fun.

  8. Those gypsy dresses would look amazing on you They're just so... you!

  9. I'm mesmerized by these rooms. I want a hanging pot rack one day! I love that yellow sofa!! Ohh that closet. *Dreaming*

    Yeah we got some more snow up here too. Oh boy for tomorrow!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  10. I love that room with the bookcase wall! We have a pots and pans rack that hangs from our ceiling, we love the way it looks in our kitchen but I tend to bump into it with my head from time to time ; )

  11. Love it all.
    Inspiring me today is my loving and hardworking husband.

  12. You've really found some great stuff here! I LOVE that wood ceiling!

  13. that bedroom with the books is amazing...wow!

  14. Love the wardrobe (of course!) and really all of these are so lovely and inspiring...especially on a snowy and cold dreary night!

  15. how cute is that playroom and the bed nook with the bookshelf. too many goodies here!

  16. I would love a lake house, too!
    Ok enough with the snow, right?

  17. Gorgeous, gorgeous images! All of them! I especially love that first one :-)

    ~ Clare x

  18. Those images are gorgeous! A gold-leafed door, that would be fabulous. Have fun with the girls.

  19. I'll take that closet please. Oh heck, while we are at it, thorow in that family room too :)


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