I like what i see

i am very much a beach-sun tanning-palm tree-cold beer-ocean waves kinda' girl
but THIS place above - YEARNING to be there - it seems like the perfect retreat!
a place to zen out, practice yoga, and be silent with your thoughts!

everything about this sofa screams ROMANCE to me!
it's so lux and i'm so in love! - i would *heart* this to be in my life!

this girl is like a mini-version of ME! - i ADORE her
she's my lil inspiration for head scarves when my Mom loses her hair
chic lil princess this beauty is!

my love = snail mail!
best feeling in the world, is coming home to a hand written letter bundled in an envelope with a stamp!
that's true character!

i started this blog b/c i wanted a space to let me thoughts out of my head and into the universe
i'm reconsidering letting my thoughts marinate in a jar for a year - then revisit
i think it will be a great thought exercise!



Girls Night Update:
holy bananas FUN - Wii Dance 2 is umm AWESOME! - bottles of champagne and wine flowing - tons of food and laughter - pink everything - and heart shaped everything all over - it was the best and much needed girls night for me - i am so thankful to have friends like the ones i have! - THANK YOU GIRLS!

and thank you for all the treats you brang! - much appreciated!

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  1. Super heart this post. I love love love snail mail. There's just something about snail mail that you can't get from receiving emails. =)

  2. Lovely post! Looking at the rain right now wishing I was at the zen retreat!

  3. The sofa looks so comfy! LOve this post!

    The Goads

  4. Quite an inspiring post here lady! Love it! XX

  5. Girl night sounds fun!! I too am in love with that sofa... so luxe! xo

  6. Yeahh so happy your girls night was a blast! I have to get Wii Dance 2! Ooo these spaces look so perfect! I want that couch! Ohh that lil girl is soo cute!! =) If you re-read your posts from last year it's an unbelievable experience! You totally see how you changed! I hope today is a good day for you! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  7. This was such a sweet post, and that little girl, I could just squeeze her, shes so adorable! Sounds like you had a great girls night!

  8. Aww so glad you had fun at Girl's Night!
    Seriously that couch is romantic luxury!

  9. Oh that retreat is just what I need....
    You definitely deserved a fun girls night. Hope your mom is doing better.

  10. Love all the photos especially the retreat, yes I can see myself there sipping a glass of wine.

    UHHH Yes Wii dance 2 is amazing. Last night my sons girlfriend caught me acting like a gangster!! I rock! haha

  11. I love what I see! I am an ocean gal all the way but that little retreat looks so heavenly.

  12. I love it all! That little girl is lovely.

  13. YAY! Your BACK! Hope you and your momma are ok! LOVE and WANT to go to the FIRST PIC! WOW! Would love to be laying out there on the deck! You ALWAYS manage to find the BEST images!!! Love the lil girl and the snail too!

    Prayers with you sweet girl!


  14. I just love that sofa!!!! Sending the warmest and kindest thoughts for your mum! Xoxoxo 1942charm.blogspot.com

  15. adore the sofa too!

    SO glad to hear that your mom's first round went well...I will keep you and your family in my thoughts!!


  16. Girl's night sounds so funn! And I want the fireplace in the 2nd pic, as well as a claw foot tub lol.

    Hope you are having a great week Erika!!!

  17. so good to read the update on your mom. thanks so much for sharing. it is wonderful to know you have such good and loyal friends around you, girl!!


  18. Totally!

    I am teary after reading that Neruda poem. How I love that man!

    Agree with you on the retreat, the sofa, the snail mail.. well pretty much everything you write actually. As such I did not hesitate to become an instant follower and subscriber.


    xx Charlotta

  19. I love Pablo Neruda too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  20. I liked what I saw!
    The velvet chesterfield is welcome to move in with me! Also that first pic. so stunning and with such peacefullness in it.
    Happy weekend Erika!

  21. Happy to hear about your Mom! The girls night sounded like so much fun and you certainly deserved it! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  22. your description of your blog/why you blog really spoke to me. agreed, agreed, agreed :)

    oh and i also LOVE that first image!

    will have to pass along.

    thanks for always being great ~


  23. Aww...that little girl is the sweetest!!! Hugs and kisses, darling


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