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Update on my Weekend:
1.  blew out tire in the middle of parkway
2.  Joe doesn't wanna 'wait' for tow truck (his spare is flat *yea i know*) - (unkind words out of my mouth at this point)
3.  jump the median of parkway (involves reversing in fast lane, getting stuck in snow, then driving on a flat for 1 mile) - i swear he still think he has a SUV not an Audi
4.  get flat fixed, but guys says need 4 new tires - so gotta get 4 new tires
5.  it's Joe, myself, my Mom and our 2 pups in the car --> now sitting in a dirty GoodYear place
6.  finally get down the shore - 4 hours later and 1K worth of tires!
7.  NO snow down the shore, anywhere, it's like i've been living in Alaska and people down there have 'normal' Jersey weather
8.  scored MAJOR deals @ my fave HomeGood/TJMaxx there (ex: Mankinds for $20!!!!) - so there is good news out of all this - besides making Mom happy
9.  reading local paper at breakfast - 4 bed, 4 bath, master suits, chef kitchen, 1 block from water, double the square feet of my house - and it's LOWER then what i paid for mine almost 10 years ago! - *sigh*

my weekend thought:   No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

all i wanted to do - was bring my Mom down the shore so she sould be happy - turns out she got sick @ GoodYear, sick after we went to dinner - didn't get a chance to see her friends down there - ect. - frustration is setting in! - at least i'm off the hook for 1 day regarding my brother's family - but back to the dentist i go - i'm not catching ANY breaks - but *breathing in and out* i'm dealing :o)


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  1. WOWZERS! Sorry it didn't work out the way you had planned. Men and their pride! Drives me nutz! Call a tow!

  2. hang in there kiddo! i don't know why, when 1 thing goes wrong, the whole day can skid off the tracks, but it does. you'll get through it!


  3. Well I'm glad you guys got down to the beach at least! No snow? What? hehe. =) Sorry to hear about the tire dilemma. They can be a pain! I hope this week looks up for ya! Happy Valentine's Day!

    Melanie's Randomness

  4. Wow what luck!... I hate those weeks when everything just goes wrong... hopefully next week is much better! :)


  5. So lame! So sorry it was a bad weekend. I am impressed, though, that he drives an Audi. Love them.

  6. Sorry you had one of "those" days! I hope your week is better and turns into fabulous! Praying for your mom! Xoxoxo


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