Crown Factor

i SWOON to crowns - there's something about them, that once i see it, i have to have it!
currently i do not own any 'crown decor' that i am aware of!
with this said, i'm on the prowl for some lux crown items!

for instance this light - OBSESSED!

these tea light holders are beyond! - i want them all over my house!

fit for a king and his queen!

can you just imagine - JUST IMAGINE!
i'm SOLD on this dream!
and this little number to hold ur rings! - ADORO!

this pic has been swirling around blogland for some time
i'm captivated by it !


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My Life:
get this sh*t - Joe got hit by a bus yesterday! - he's fine, thank god, but the back of his car is a lil messed up - nothing that can't be fixed - but still - UNIVERSE WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME?! - seriously, i'm all ears, b/c all this *boo* news is killing me! - my heart is very fragile right now Universe, so please be gentle from now on! Thank You, still your friend: Erika!

happy note - our friends Rich and Melissa had a baby boy yesterday - 8 lbs 13 ounces - Joe is on call for the Brisk when we get to learn baby Peanuts name! *over the moon*

tonight i'm going to see Ron White the comedian - excited to go out and have some laughs! - i bought these tickets last year and forgot all about them - turns out, i'm glad i ordered them! - it's exactly what the doctor ordered and i'm following their advice! - here's to a night of fun and laughter! - best part of it all, i'm taking my Mom! - it'll be her first 'apperance' in public with no hair (she wears scarfs tho) - i'm just so excited to spend the night with her and make her happy! - and figures it's FREEZING again here in Jersey

one more thing Universe, can we go back to the warmer weather, i sorta' liked that, THANKS!

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  1. A bus? What? Your luck is absolutely ridiculous. I'm so glad he's ok, though!

  2. So glad Joe is okay!! Have a good time tonight with your mom!

  3. I adore that last crown painting so much! and have fun tonight, hope you laugh lots :)

  4. I'm not usually a big crown person, but this post may have converted me. I am really loving that fabulous ring dish!

  5. I like crowns but always forget about them! I need to order something!
    A bus? Are you freaking kidding me? Gheesh.
    I hear Ron White is awesome. I used to see comedians all the time but haven't seen one in years.

  6. That bed is amazing!!! And OMG about Joe. So sorry to hear that. You have way too much going on. I hope the universe listens to u. xoxo

  7. Love the crowns!

    Also, the bus accident - so scary! Glad he is okay. My hubby got in a car accident last week and it scared the bejeezus out of me!

    Lexi @

  8. What a fabulous theme for a post!

    Love the bedrooms!


  9. I love those candle holders:) They are really pretty! Have fun tonight, darling. Hugs and kisses

  10. Goodness! I am glad that Joe is okay. That is so crazy!

  11. Between that first chandelier and that bed my heart has gone faint. Oh my they are fabulous. The light reminds me of the fantastic ones hanging in the "crown room" at the Dell in Coronado, sigh.

  12. Glad Joe is ok!

    Loveee that crown ring holder! It's adorable. I could really use it.

  13. never knew it, but apparently I am a crown person! love the light and the bed!

  14. I am not a huuuuge crown person, but I do like the occasional crown charm on a piece of jewelry. Juicy Couture has some ahhh-mazing crown necklaces that you might want to check out.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. i love the decals above the bed- so cool!!

  16. That lil ring holder is ADORABLE!!! Ohh I hope you & your mom have a great night!! Okay Joe needs to go in the bubble I need to put you & your family in!! Oh geez. I'm really glad he's okay. Be careful out there sweetie!!

  17. That light is so fun and I would have loved that bed as a kid. The painting in the last pic is great too.

    Hope Joe is A-OK!

  18. those tealight holders are adorable!

  19. I love the ring holder!

    Holy Shit, hit by a bus??? I'm glad he's okay! Universe, please send some GOOD Erika's way!!!

  20. I love those crown tea light holders! And that ring holder. So cute!

  21. Let loose and have fun tonight. Love the hers and his crown over the bed

  22. I love that stickers over the bed! it looks great!

  23. I'm kinda in love with that ring holder!

  24. fun post!! i'm personally not a crown person but i actually love everything you included here. thanks for opening my eyes to how cute and chic crowns can be :)

  25. I love the four photo crown on the bed so much!


  26. wtf joe got hit by a bus?? how many people can say that sh*t in their life??

    girl you need to get those crown tea light holders and place them all around the place. i'm talking STREWN


  27. I'm totally thinking of Alexander McQueen's skulls and crowns!

    Oh my thanks goodness Joe is ok. You need the night off for sure and have fun!

  28. I never thought of myself as a crown person, but these are amazing.

  29. Being that I live in the Queen City, I love this post! All things crowned around here. Every street sign has a crown on it as well ;) And oh my good gracious, hit by a bus??!! What a day. Enjoy the weekend dear XOXO

  30. OMG, Erika!!! What the H***?! Glad Joe is o.k. Seriously, enough w/ the hard stuff already!! So great about your friends new baby boy! Once again.... you are an amazing daughter... you probably don't even realize all that you are really doing to make your Mom's journey w/ cancer that much easier. Take it easy this weekend and I'm a split second away from booking you and I a trip to get the heck out of here!!! xo

  31. I love this post. Crowns are some of my favorite themes, I even have a tooth fairy with a crown.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  32. Ahhh, I love those crown tea light holders! xxxxx

  33. this post.



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