Accidently in love

ever since i go the news that at age 35 ( i turning 31 on Friday ) i need to get my ovaries removed (for new readers, i have the genetic gene that shows 97% chance i will get breast/ovarian cancer) - i've had the luring question of 'to have or not to have babies' - and well i think a universal force has been luring me into 'TO HAVE'

look at what it has been throwing at me, if these weren't signs 'TO HAVE' i don't know what are:

Bagaboo + Missoni = rock Mommy Erika's world!
i think i just made my decision to have a baby over this stroller! - seriously!
i literally must have this! - no understands the impact Missoni and Bugaboo together means like i do!
wonder if i could just order the Missoni part and use my Niece's Bugaboo?!

i know i featured this angel onie before - but my heart flutters every time i see it
i adore marie-chantel - check out her site for kids - amazing stuff!

this organic Hushamok hammock has me thinking oodles of good things
what baby wouldn't be a happy, quite, and sleeping in this?!
i just wanna know if they make an adaption for Mommies?!

*gasp* a lucite crib? - i just found the love of my life!
i told you Butterflies - the universe keeps throwing down major hints to me!

i know it's crazy for having a baby b/c of the 'things' i can buy - and i of course wouldn't really have a baby over a lucite crib (even how tempting it is) - but since the idea of a time line and health issues are at hand - the issue of having a baby or not is weighing heavy on my shoulders (i never thought i wanted to be a Mom or a wife for that matter)

if you ask me tho, the Universe is so speaking to me - i mean come on' - Bugaboo teams up with Missoni at the exact time i'm decision making?! - hello?! - this is fate!!!

i have the Universe's direct number if you ever need to make a call!

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  1. oh my, that little angel with wings is so adorable! haha ;)

  2. Awesome baby accessories! :] I love babies!! :]

  3. WOW! I just got hit with total baby fever looking at these items :)

  4. that stroller is amazing- do you have to have a baby to get one? I kinda just want one and I dont have a kid haha

  5. Who doesn't love babies?! And then babies with fashion? Forget about it!

  6. That stroller is amazing!!! And I totally know what you mean about being under the wire to make a decision about kids. I'll be 39 in July and even though I've tried I'm still not decided...


  7. aaah, the angel onsie!! too much! love!

  8. Yeah. I about died when I saw that Missoni collab. I've been figuring out how to talk the hubs into number 2 so I can get it. HAHA!

  9. Oh, i adore that stroller, but i already have my Orbit. I wonder if the folks at Missoni could hook me up with a redesign... Love the lucite crib too! XX

  10. angel wings are lovely. You'll know..when you know its your time.

  11. You and me lady. It is all about the missoni and other cuteness!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  12. Wow, a lucite crib! How cool. You will just know if you want a baby because you will get that undeniably urge each time you see a baby. I might ask you for the direct number to the universe sometime! xo

  13. of course the Universe speaks to you! we have to pay attention to all those signals.
    The missoni stroller is so cool.

  14. Hello Erika,

    I hope you are having a wonderful week so far... oh my goodness, I actually dropped my jaw when I saw this lucite crib! Wow! Incredible...


  15. I know, I can't get over the Missoni bugaboo either!

    But my heart stopped when I saw the Lucite crib. Yowza.


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