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once again my CC Skye bag got pushed back again on its release date (it's 3 times so far) - maybe this bag isn't meant for me! - Joe has been saying time and time again he'll get me the Chloe large Partay bag, but now i dunno if i want it *gasp*

i am no doubt a BAG GIRL who can not make up her mind! - torture this is, i tell ya! - and to boot it's my BIRTHDAY MONTH! (May 27th is THE day)

this Alexander Wang large Emile bag has stirred up some attention in my head! - i like the mix of materials and the earthiness of the bag! ~~ possibly the front runner! ~~ can't stop thinking about this bag!

i'm dying to get a Mulberry into my collection as well - what's not to love about this classic?! - and the Oversized Tillie is just enough 'funk' for me to LOVE - thinking it's more 'fall' than 'summer' tho

then this Tory Burch Gwendoyln bag passed by me and i thought, hummm i think i like it - very summer-like, boaty feeling - and i got 20% off for my birthday - way smaller then my usual size bags, but maybe that's what i need this summer - less 'stuff' slowing me down!

i like to try and get new labels all the time - so i can diversify my bag collection - but sometimes with designers like Chloe and Alexander Wang (ok yes, the list goes on forever) you gotta just keep buying them *wink*


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  1. You do love bags, Erika! Right now I am partial to Kate Spade! xo

  2. Big handbags are a huge weakness for me. There is a new MK store in the mall here and I dropped by and picked up a great nude tote but I am having doubts many great bags out there for the spring! And I cannot thank you enough for posting this for me. So incredibly sweet and thoughtful of you Erika!

  3. Gorgeous bags, darling!
    Especially loving the first one!


    P.S. I'm sure you look fabulous in a bikini!

  4. Love these bags! They are so great! I tend to carry one bag for over a year at a time, and even if it doens't match! I know its really awful! Maybe I should just stick with neutrals!

  5. Those bags are awesome! I could not for the life of me pick one over the other. But I have to say, when I buy a bag I definitely think about the travel factor. Could I board a plane with it with all my essentials?

  6. I'd seriously take any of those bags! I am so cheap, I only have one (in my opinion) really expensive bag and that's my LAMB Rasta which I adore!

  7. I adore that first one, just looks quality all the way.

    I buy all my bags from Ross though..hehe

  8. yay to our bday month! we totally deserve new bags! :)

  9. Big bags are the best and Im totally loving the first one:) Have a lovely afternoon, sunshine

    Ps: I’m hosting a cute necklace GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in!

  10. Aah, I love the Tory Burch Gwendoyln bag! I do a lot of window shopping for bags and never seem to buy as many as I wish I could!

  11. I love the Wang bag! To be honest, I can't afford high end designer bags so I don't shop for them. But I dream!!

  12. that Wang is definitely a winner for me...I'm with you though, I always have a hard time choosing! xo

  13. That mulberry bag is fantastic.

    X x

  14. Totally obsessed with getting a few crossbody bags! I also saw the watermelon Mulberry Alexa in stores this past weekend - too cute!

    Ok darling, 400 items in the Missoni for Target line. How will we both fit it all in our homes???

    p.s. Also have a watercolor print giveaway if you're interested!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  15. Loving the Tory Burch bag, especially the tiny tassels.

  16. these would be great to hold all my summer crap. perfectly over-sized.


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