World makes me smile

over the last week - small little things have been happening to me to remind me how spectacular the world really is and how good-willed people are ..  for example:

i WON the give-away at Inspired Design - Debby thank you SO much - i won a Kate Spade bangle, now the tough part is figuring out which one to choose! - HELP!

i was in the pharmacy wearing my Repetto yellow flats - as i'm waiting this security guard tells me he 'likes my shoes' - i think 'ok awkward, lemme just say thank you and he'll move on' - so i thank the guy - then he proceeds to tell me 'it's like walking on sunshine' - AUHAH moment - every time now i wear these shoes i'm going to think 'it's like walking on sunshine' - how can you not have an amazing day knowing that?! - Thank You strange security guard!

guess what shows up at my Mom's house yesterday?! - yup; limited edition Tory Burch Edye bag in red! - i've been on the search for a great red bag, this will go in a dust bag till September then i'll break it out!

my twig coat rack also showed up this week - tonight i plan to put it together

my West Elm storage bed set is being delivered tomorrow - i'm so over the moon with all the extra storage i will have in my bedroom and all the 'final touches' i can add to my room!

for all the small things that make me happy in the world
thank you universe
i needed that!


Mom Update:
i'll be a road warrior today - we meet with another surgeon today - and hopefully will get a surgery date for my Mom and her hiatel hernia, which is a major-major surgery - as much as i don't look forward to the 'after' of the surgery i hope this takes care of my Moms stomach issues -- after that she needs to see pain management neurologist to deal with her neuropathy from the chemo, her neuropathy is so bad she can't drive and walk/standing is extremely difficult -- in addition to the hernia surgery they are also taking her ovaries out in that same surgery -- then her final decision will be to have a double mastectomy or not (she got a lumpectomy when she got her cancer removed) - then hopefully no more surgeries for awhile!

Thank You again for all your continued support - cancer is one ugly battle wished upon nobody - but it can also be a blessing to live your life the best way you know how too - if you let it, it can open the doors to wonderful places and people - for this i am grateful! -- and more then anything else, it has made my connection to my Mom and myself stronger then ever before - we now have the ultimate bond!

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  1. .... just left my hairdresser with a new do... that always makes me feel better.
    Have a great day!

  2. I think you should get "Take the Plunge"...just saying :P Also I now want yellow shoes to walk on sunshine! Best thing ever :D

  3. The yellow shoes is just one of the best things I've heard in a while- loved it! Congrats on the bangle- I'd have a hard time choosing too- all so pretty. And as always, I'm praying for you and your mom- happy, happy thoughts!!

  4. Congrats on winning the giveaway! I love your Tory Burch bag, it's such a gorgeous color. I'll be saying a prayer for your mom. She's lucky to have such a supportive daughter in you : )

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I love what you have going over here. We'll be a great blogging pair--I've got the recipes and you've got the cutest design, decor, and wardrobe ideas. LOVE!


  6. Oh your sweet mom, many prayers for her body to rest and be healed! I love all of your bedroom choices. I am excited for you.

  7. Thanks for reporting on your mom, darling. I'm so happy to know things are well for you and that you are now walking on sunshine when you put those super yummy shoes on. I love that strange security guard person! I've got to get me some shoes like that. Much happiness to you, doll. Hugs!!!

  8. 1. That is an awesome security guard story.
    2. Congrats on the bracelet. I love the on could nine one the most.
    3. Urgh, I am so sorry about your mother. Cancer is so ugly and so back breaking. All my love to you and her.

  9. Erika,
    The security guard story is amazing and one that you'll always remember. I think the next time you are at that store you should let him know what an inspiration he comment was...I'm inspired by his outlook (and the fact that he was looking at your shoes!)
    I have that twig coat is one of my favorite pieces! It is very functional, but also looks sculptural when not in use!) I've had you and your mother in my thoughts. Warm hugs to you both!

  10. I am in love that Tori Burch bag!!!!


  11. walking on sunshine! i love this!!!!
    beautiful shoes....

  12. Keep walking on sunshine my dear friend, I wish you only such great things! Also, many good wishes to your mom, I am sure you are a wonderful support! xoxo

  13. i love those shoes and your bag!! how are you gonna resist waiting until Sep to use it?!!

    Wishing your mom good health.

    xo, Persis.

  14. Ugh, more surgery for your Mom... so hard. I hope she starts to feel better soon. There is nothing worse than nerve pain.
    Now I have Walking on Sunshine stuck in my head. So cute that a security guard would even notice.
    So happy you are thrilled about winning the giveaway... enjoy, Erika. xo


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