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after seeing this 1 photo my entire life changed:

this is my "ah ha" moment!

Vermont Follow-up:

Joe and I had a great time - the castle was unbelievable - i literally imagined the entire time there: what is must feel like to own and live in a castle - just spectacular! (adding living in a castle to my 'dream list') - we had the best massages at the Aveda spa as well! - we planned on hiking, horse back riding, and zip lining - but umm it was FREEZING and raining! - thank god we stopped at North Face on the way up and i bought a bunch of skiing clothes - b/c literally that's all i wore, everything i packed: never wore! - who knew Vermont would be in the 40's-50's in June (not me!)

Apparently June is the off season there - more then half the towns restaurants and stores were closed! - well in the "small towns" - the 'cities' were open and had forms of life :o)

on the way up we stopped at Woodbury Commons Outlets (i try and go only once a year b/c well i go nuts there, why you ask? - Chloe, Balenciaga, Gucci, Theory, Tory Burch, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Le Creuset, BCBG, La Perla, Bottega Veneta, Mankind, Joe's, YSL, ect. - get the idea now?! - WAY too much $$$ spent there!) - and then we went shopping in Vermont at the outlets too! - Erika got her shopping on big time! (thanks Joe for being my bag carrier)

on the way up soon as we saw the "Welcome to Vermont" sign - over sized golf ball hail! - i was freaking out - i thought Joe's windshield would bust - and all the bridges were filled with cars, so we had to drive through it - after we got through it tho, beautiful drive rest of the way!

pictures will be soon to come - i usually don't download my pics from my camera till the next time i'm going to use it again - anyone else lazy like that?! - but i'll get to them soon, promise, errrr i mean i will try reeally hard!

so much more to tell - but i'll so do with pictures :o)

Mom Surgery Update:

surgery went great - the doctors say she will have a tremendous amount of comfort and relief once she heels - she's on intense pain medicine now and well to be frank, it's hysterical - when i visit her she goes into "la-la land" and starts talking out of the blue the most ridiculous stuff - we all will begin to laugh and she just has no idea - with her 'chemo brain' (yes it a real term, chemo does alot more to the body then just lose your hair) and now this, she's a lil 'coocoo' - she's going to have a LONG recovery, something i'm mentally preparing myself now for, b/c i know it's going to take a lot out of me - her ovaries are now out, the hernia is fixed, all she needs to do next is the double mastectomy (which she is going to put on hold for awhile, she mentally can't go through any more pain and suffering) - before i know it, my Mom will be a healthy spring chicken soon! -- bad news is next will be my Dad getting his double knee replacements - yup still a LONG road ahead! - all i gotta say, thank the lord we have therapists in the world!

*phew* - sorry for the LONG "catch ups"

check out ~Tiptoe with Curiosity~ to see the 12 lessons i have learned over the past 12 months! - i would love to hear what you have learned over the past 12 months - knowledge is power!

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  1. Good your mother is healing and that the surgery went well!!!
    What a fabulous trip that sounded like, lucky you:)

  2. Good your mother is healing and that the surgery went well!!!
    What a fabulous trip that sounded like, lucky you:)

  3. So glad to hear your mother is feeling better and on the mend. All credit to you for being so strong, you are in ispiration hun!

    Sounds like you had a great trip with lots of eye opening moments.

    X x

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Minus the hail and cold weather ; ) Glad to hear your mama's surgery went well!


  5. Good for your Mom! Good to know about Vermont in June.
    I have always wanted to visit in the Fall.

  6. Love the Woodbury Commons outlets!!


  7. Glad to hear about your Mom, sweetie. I've been sending good thoughts your way. And glad you had fun this weekend. I try to limit my trips to Woodbury Commons too :) Hope you got lots of good stuff! xoxo

  8. Thanks so much for the updates on your mom. I think about her (and you) often. You are really hanging in there and it's awesome to see. I read your other blog post and could really identify. Growth, growth, growth.


  9. Phew is right- Glad your mom's surgery went so well. Here to quick recovery!

    can't wait for the pictures of the castle. Bummer about the weather, who knew it would be so cold.

  10. So glad the surgery went well and that she'll be more comfortable soon.

    To stay in a castle and then go to two outlet stores? Talk about a dream!

  11. Glad to hear your mother is making progress, and that you enjoyed your trip to Vermont! (a little jealous of the shopping!)

    Hope your mom is feeling herself soon. :)

  12. That's great news about your mother xx

  13. Glad your mom's surgery went well. That's good news. Meds can make you say stupid things, so true! Oh...life in a castle...wouldn't that be super fun? Enjoy your week, sweetie.

  14. so glad you guys had a good time...it was probably just what you need to decompress and relax. Glad your mom's surgery went well and sending prayers and hugs. xoxo

  15. So glad you had a chance to get away. Can't wait to see the photos. Glad your Mom's surgery went o.k. Thank God for pain meds and for your sense of humor! xo

  16. so glad you had a good time and your mom's surgery went well. Hope your dad's goes well too!

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