My Weekend

**note: pics to come - this is just the 1 i had off my phone**

last week fleeeew by - and this weekend was no different - off and running i went! - got my first beach day in ~ now i have my sun kissed skin *love* ~ lots of al fresco dinning for Joe and I (like all weekend) ~ relaxing at his Mom's most amazing backyard (they renoed it - now there are fountains, a veggie garden, stone paths, a turtle lives in the backyard, fire pit, tiki torches, pool, gazebo's, and all the itty bitty litty things that make a peaceful backyard beyond words! - it would be a great before and after shot)

*7 for all mankind T dress; Tom Ford sunnies; gifted diamond cross *

we ate lunch @ Fushimi again - so YUM YUM YUM
if you go - just be prepared - for 2 people it always costs us $100 give or take
but SO worth it - plus we get drinks!
remember this was where the 2 Mob Wives got into the big fight!

oh in addition it was "Back to the Beach" in Staten Island - so after a day in the sun (cooler packed with beer, berries and hummus) we headed over to the boardwalk to see what they had - no luck in buying anything - fireworks soon followed - and we ended the night with a BBQ with the Cappucci Family!

oh and OF COURSE i hit up my all-time fave HomeGoods in Staten Island - Joe says "we can just look" - few hundred dollars later = THANKS ALOT JOE!

SO much fun stuff this weekend - i have pics to show you all - but of course the downloading part i always have an issue - but i'll get to them soooooon!

Hint: Jewelry!

Blogger - Comment Issues - Solution:
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1.go to Blogger Dashboard
2.Click on "Settings" "Comments" at the top of the form
4.Scroll to "Comment Form Placement" - 3rd one down
5.Select "Pop up window" or "Full Page" "Save Settings" on bottom of page
Happy Blogging - if you change to these setting then i can FINALLY leave comments on your pages - a lot of times i try - but i can't b/c of the issues going on .. PASS THIS INFO ALONG ON YOUR BLOGS - this way all us bloggers can comment away!

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  1. Sounds perfect. I'm so glad you had a great weekend!!!!

  2. Yeah, thanks for that comment tip!

  3. Sounds like such a gorgeous weekend and your mums garden sounds amazing! My mum wants to completely redo her garden too! :) <3

  4. Hi gorgeous!
    Sounds like a fabulous weekend!


  5. Wow, sounds busy but so much fun! And that backyard sounds amazing!

  6. Cute pic : ) It looks so warm where you are! We've only had 3 rain-free days this month!

  7. wonderign if you have any odea on how to solve the following from Blogger:
    a) why Blogger lower the quality of images
    b) why I cannot add the Facebook, Twitter, etc buttons at the end of each post
    c) have troubles logging it while commenting (does not accept pws or userid)

    you'll be making me a happy lady!!!

    xxx Ylenia | Longuette

  8. sounds like the most perfect weekend E! And anytime I step foot in home goods it costs me money so I can totally relate! xo

  9. Sounds like the perfect weekend! I actually did NOT go to the beach this weekend for the first time since Memorial Day and I feel cheated. LOL. Back Friday for the weekend and I can't wait. You look gorgeous and sunkissed! xoxo

  10. I wanna see your Home Goods haul!! Hey are you keeping up with Nancy Grace on the Casey Anthony trial? what a gongshow!!

  11. hi I just found you blog and I love it!! It's so pretty. I'm also from New Jersey and I'm a pretty new blogger so I'm always inspired by other fabulous bloggers. Nice to meet you!

  12. sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love the beach on a beautiful day.


  13. cute photo!! love your glasses :D

    thank you for your lovely comment!!
    we really appreciate it <3

    hope you'll come visit us again soon
    xo, camilla & valerie

  14. So glad you had such a great weekend Erika and some fun in the sun!! xo


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