Stay Strong

i know *bad blogger* - no fashion posts, no decor posts, no 'look what i found' - just SO busy - today is a BIG day for my Mom - meeting with lots of oncologist to see whats going on - she got more blood work done yesterday - something is off with liver or bones - i am NOT looking forward to this day ahead of me - but in no way am i running away from it - BRING IT THURSDAY !

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  1. love those quotes! so true..

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  2. Wishing your Mom all the best and tons of luck today!! Thinking about you fabulous ladies!! =)

  3. There are angels camped around you and your mom... Wishing a positive outcome..

  4. You are the most strong a positive and your mom are so lucky to have each other! Sending you big hugs today and thinking about you guys! xoxo

  5. Great quotes. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

    Big hugs.

    X x

  6. aww :[ great quote.

    i hope everything would be okaii with your mum :)

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  7. My thoughts and prayers are with both you and your Mom, sweetie. I hope that you heard some good news today. Stay strong! xoxo

  8. All the best with the consultations. So many people in my peripheral are dealing with cancer or their family members. My dad passed away in 2002 from several cancers and we all supported each other through it. Uggghh, your mom is so lucky to have you for support :) Keep positive!


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