Bad Irene

(sorry gotta make this quick)

i'm ALIVE! -- Hurricane Irene KILLED NJ/NY -- ended up cancelling our trip to Maryland due to evacuations -- where my boyfriend lives in Staten Island was all evacuated -- all my friends i know down the shore were evacuated -- tree's are torn up -- streams are now rapid lakes -- here in north Jersey people now have water-front property (but this is not a good thing) -- took me 2 hours to get my Mom to the hospital instead of the normal 20 -- no traffic lights working -- tons of people still without any power -- i'm blessed that everyone i know is OK -- houses can be rebuilt, repainted, ect .. but lives can't be returned -- so i'm just grateful all the ones i love are still with me and my house is well totally hurricane proof (no water AT all .. all the rest of my neighbors had like a foot of water in their basements) ..

even tho you made me miss my trip to Maryland,  Irene - i sorta' thank you for getting me outta' watching baseball - so sorta' thanks ..

OK - off on the road i go - this will be interesting!!! - but if it wasn't interesting and testy then well it wouldn't be my life, right?


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  1. Taking your mom to the hospital makes me think: wow, what if someone had an emergency. That would be really scary.

    I'm glad you are okay. Us west coasters were thinking about you guys.

  2. Good to hear that everything is fine..

  3. Oh dear!!! Yeahh it was pretty bad up here too. Rt 287 near Morristown collapsed into the nearby river, there is tons of trees down and I didn't have power for a some time. A girl at my job still has no power. It's an obstacle course getting from NY to NJ to my job. I hope the water is receding tho! PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!


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