my latest fashion craz is Stone_Cold_Fox - i'm literally so obsessed - i've been asking all the boutiques by me to add their line to their store - it screams hippie chic comfy cool - which hello, is SO ME!

meet Cydney and Dallas - Best Friends since 2nd grade - built this empire of Stone_Cold_Fox - everything is made with their hands, their touch, their ideas - every piece of clothing is part of THEM - and soon as you wear a piece you'll understand what it means to be a "stone cold fox"!

Birkin Gown

Spine dress

Sunday Bells
(omg i'm begging for these!)

Blackbird Skirt and Woodstock Top

Rosearita Shawl

Who else wants to be a Stone Cold Fox?!?!
i'm jumping on the bandwagon for sure! *toot toot*

Life Update:
ps - i bought LOTS at Willow St. yesterday - it's become my home from hom - love that place! - i totally treated myself to whatever i wanted yesterday - i had such a selfish day and it was fab - even tho it rained like a b*tch, it didn't stop me eating alfresco, shopping, and later a trip to the spa - Tuesday's are my "ERIKA" days - i meet with Dr's all morning then ALL about me! ~ which reminds me, gotta call a new oncologist today!

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  1. Simply gorgeous clothes. I was scrolling thinking "oh that's my favorite" on each item. The shawl is just beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous garments - thank you for sharing lovely!

    Eda ♥

  3. Amazing pieces!
    Love that Birkin gown!


  4. Love them too! And they're so you!!! Have a fab day, sweets! xoxo

  5. Congrats! Sounds like an exciting day :)

    And this line is so you!

  6. I love!! Seriously, I would wear every single piece!

  7. Erika, you are a stone cold fox, Girl! I LOVE that you have dubbed Tuesdays Erika day!!! I think I need a "Debby day!" I can totally picture you rockin all of those cute looks. Always, thinking of you and hoping your oncology visits go as well as possible. I am keeping you, your Mom, and her BFF in my prayers! xoxo

  8. Get me on the Stone Cold Fox train!!! Love it. And I am so happy to hear that you take the day to yourself and do things for YOU. So important for your sanity!! xo

  9. especially love the Birkin Gown! Glad you took a day to yourself - so important!

  10. Lovely blog!



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  12. I'm with you sister. I see their stuff and scream my brains out!! Good luck with the new oncologist...been thinking about you a lot.


  13. Not a company I had heard of before but such beautiful clothing.

    X x

  14. I LOVE them! Especially that first dress! xx


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