my style is ALL over the place - right now i'm REALLY into feathers and harem pants - both items have been my go-to pieces lately with the weather fluctuating - i find harem pants to be so comfy, casual, and cool - and what better of pant that can convert into shorts when need be!

here's some gals with their harem pants on ...

my next purchase *sigh* *drooling*

do you have a pair? - obsessed with them or not so much?

Life Update:
WHAT a weekend - and i mean WHAT - i still have fragments of my cold left, but mainly i'm pretty ok - breathing through my nose normally would be FANTASTIC but i'll take 'pretty ok' at this time! - a historic moment happened this weekend - i FINALLY officially made my water bed into the guest bed, i officially can say i am a grown-up with a grown-up bed, i got myself one of those temperpedic beds with the pillow top *crossing fingers* it's soft enough!!! - for the next 10 weeks u will most likely be finding me at The Stage House every Sunday for FOOTBALL now! - Let's go GIANTS! - no yard work got done, no major cleaning like i planned, no pictures were hung, let's just say i pretty much got a big ole nadda' done this weekend b/c i was sick *boo* - i can not believe i'm even saying this, but i actually thought of hiring someone to do 1-2 major cleanings in my house before i put all my rugs down and all my decor back (my house has been upside down with everything going on)

Ps - Mom goes in this Thursday for double mastectomy with reconstruction - OH and remember i told you about Ms. Lee - well she went to a conference and GET THIS - the BRCA 2 mutation we have turns out to be 75% Polish women - it's a new study just released where she heard at one of her conferences in NYC - and if you don't know i'm 100% Polish *dizzying*

Tomorrow is M-Day - MISSONI AT TARGET - who else is staying up ALL night for the stuff to hit the Internet? - COUNT ME IN - i already told myself i prob won't buy the clothes, b/c i hate buying the clothes from these 'collaborations' and you see everyone and their mother wearing the stuff - so i'm mainly ALL about the home decor - that patio set is MINE - that's really my ultimate goal - to get the patio set and 1 throw blanket - *pretty good from wanting EVERYTHING to just 2 things will make me happy* - wishing everyone luck tomorrow getting their Target + Missoni frenzy on!

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  1. Misoni at Target.. love that!

    Harem pants I am on the fence because these are cute but I still think they sort of look like MC Hammer pants. Even tho MC Hammer were made of hat shiny gold fabric. :)

  2. A group of us have been plotting the best Target to hit tomorrow! Frenzy fo sho.

    I picked up a pair of cotton stretchy black harem pants at H&M and love wearing them for comfy clothing around the house or running errands. I have to pair it with a classic striped long sleeve top, though, to balance out the trendiness!

  3. Love to your mom. I can't imagine the emotions she's going through right now.

    A no on harem pants.

  4. Love harem pants. When styled right, they can be so chic!


  5. These are fabulous!
    Especially loving the first pair!


  6. Girl I'm with you on the harem pant and Missoni front (i'm maybe going for a pair of flats and a blanket and that's it...bf got me a beautiful real Missoni blanket so would like to compare). I really don't wanna be walking down the street and see 1400 people wearing Missoni collab gear...kills the fun, ya know?

    Good luck with that patio set!! And glad to hear you're feeling better. xoxo-C

  7. I call Harem pants "poopy pants" because of the droopy bottom ; ) But if they're worn right, I like them.

    I'm 50% Polish : {

  8. Loving the pants in the first pic! And so glad you are feeling better...summer colds are never fun! Can't wait to hear what you score tomorrow! xoxo

    Sending love and good vibes for mama. xo

  9. Glad you are feeling better...can't wait for Missoni at Target!

  10. Can't wait for tomorrow! I have my eye on a few things already. Hope I'm not too late. As for the harem pants, I doubt I could pull them off but I love when people do.

    Good luck to you & your Mom this Thursday sweetie! xoxo

  11. Glad you are feeling better, and I'm sending you lots of hugs for your mom.

    xo jess

  12. totally love the first pair. she always kills it!

  13. I love the look of harem pants but haven't given them a try yet though.
    Really excited to see the Missoni for Target selections! Tried looking this morning but no luck yet.
    Have a lovely week!

  14. I was "iffy" about them at first, but know I think I would give them a chance ; )
    I'm heading to Target on my lunch break. Wish me luck!!!

  15. Love the look but being plus sized and somewhat short, I can't imagine them working too well on me:(

    Thanks for stopping by my blog again. I always appreciate your lovely comments.


  16. I already placed 2 orders on target. oops!

    xoxo navy & orange

  17. Geez, Erika, I'm polish too... weird. Good luck to you Mom... I will keep her in my prayers.

    Harem pants? Hmm... not so much for me. They remind me of the 80's. xo


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