Race for a Cure & Get In on the GIVE-AWAY

Hi Butterflies - i have signed myself up as team captain of team "Tiptoe Butterfly" - the walk/run is May 6, 2012! -- the race will be held in West Orange NJ (so anyone in the NY/NJ area who would like to join my team i would LOVE to have you!!!) -- and as much as i LOATHE to ask for donations, i must -- if ANY of you Butterflies can spare a few bucks (as little as $1 to as much as you pleasure, depending on your economics and comfort) .. all these donations go DIRECTLY to the Suzan G. Komen foundation for finding a cure to end ALL breast cancer!!

if you can please donate to team "Tiptoe Butterfly" or myself "Erika Falkowski" (goes to same account, which i drop the funds off at the Komen center in Summit, NJ before the race) - register if you can - or build your own team in your neck of the woods (global) and lets make a difference in this world!

now is the time - stop waiting to 'do good' - nothing like the present

THANK YOU is not even enough for me to say for those who will help in my cause!!! -- and PLEASE if you can pass the word along on your blogs, it would be great! -- i'll even start doing some give-aways for incentive - and we have ALL the way till May 6, 2012 to make our goal!!!! -- i'll be re-posting to remind **yes i will be annoying, but it's something i'm passionate about**

Race Schedule
  • 7:00a - Registration Opens / Packet Pickup Available / Survivor Ten Open
  • 8:30a - RUN: 5K Timed Run begins
  • 9:00a - Expo Opens
  • 9:30a - Survivor Ceremony
  • 10:00a - WALK: 5k and 1.5m Fun Walk BEGINS
all the RACE info is HERE - please stop by and take a look! *pweeeaaazzzeeee*

and if you can't walk/run - you can STILL register - all you have to do is SLEEP!

yes i'm being pathetic and BEGGING for your support - but i will do this to no end - i have no reason NOT to be annoying - this is a life changing event that can change lives forever - maybe even your own!!!!

My Life:
off to NYC tonight for the Bright Pink event with some of my best friends and boyfriend - gonna be lots of fun and yummy cocktails and great discussions - SO excited!!!

don't forget ENTER GIVE-AWAY - totally CUSTOM stickers/labels!!! - perfect for the holidays, your business, your blog, eBay sellers!!! - come and get em - i mean it's FREE - what's better then FREE CUSTOM winnings?!

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  1. Good for you Erika! There's nothing pathetic about begging for support to fight cancer!


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