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ah the style of bohemian make my hurt smile in bliss - there's something so special about a free spirit and one who dresses themselves or their surroundings in such a matter - below are some of my fave boho 'moments' - i think today will def. be a boho-bell bottom-head piece wearing day!


** getting ready for a give-away soon - stay tuned **

Gym Update:
so many of you know i gained 35lbs in 1 month due to side effects to medicine - so i joined the gym and got myself a personal trainer - his name is Evan and he's the director of all the trainers (lucky me, i seriously got the best of the best of trainers) - he's working me out hard-core - and well the promise is by the end of our sessions i'll be in the double digits and rockin' hard with my solid body - this makes me believe the Universe is so looking out for me *thank you* - and all the energy i have developed has been amazing - i spend 2.5-3 hours, 5 days a week there minimum - i'm on the motivation boat - and there's no slowing me down! *toot toot*

PS - alot of you are asking - i'm 5'3 and my normal weight is between 100-105 - plus i'm small boned which makes a huge difference - so double digits for my body is actually a healthy number not a crazy obsession - hope this clears that up to all my butterflies :o) .. and i'm on a healthy diet (cancer diet plus lots of cleanses and lots of organic meals)

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  1. Don't go too crazy on the workouts.

    I love the hat! I definitely want to sport one this spring and summer.

    PS go look at Diana (Express-o) butterfly tree, I think you'll like.

  2. Like it - I am thinking about trying out a more Boho Chic style myself:)

  3. Girl, my middle name is boho. I love these photos - they're right up my alley.

  4. double digits???? how tall are you?

  5. I love that you have a goal and you're totally rockin it. Double digits? Wait, how short are you?

  6. Good for you! I had some medical issues that cause me to gain 40lbs and I went to a trainer but never managed to get the weight off :(

  7. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Love the interiors!


  8. Best of luck to you... hang in there and know you have lots of support (even if it's virtual)! xo

  9. Love these photos! I'm a huge fan of boho-chic style.

  10. I went through the same thing 10 years ago. I was on hormone shots and my weight shot from 110 to like 145. It was devastating! But after going to the gym, I lost it all. So you are certainly on the right path. Keep up the good work.

  11. Some medicines have that side affect. I know I am on one that has a tendency for people to gain weight. I admire your determination and time you put in at the gym! Good for you. It's tough when you are petite too.

    I can totally see you loving anything bohemian!! xo

  12. this post is amazing! love every item! don't overdo it in the gym now!:-). have a great weekend. xx

  13. Hi Erika!
    OMG, is the word!!! I was so excited to see that you actually have a pair of those face side tables in your care!!! Where are they from???
    You are one lucky girl:)...
    Sending lots of Love your way!!!

  14. Oh, and of course I enjoy the boho chic look- works every time!

  15. Good for you for being so dedicated! I just found your blog thru Komma Hem. I saw that you commented you have the face tables. May I ask where you got them? I love them...

  16. Good for you Erika...keep up the great work, and oh yes, I love the bohemian style ~

  17. I loove bohemian style too, in both clothing and decor. It's just always cool!

  18. Wow these are fantabulous! Especially the first photo! Love!

    And good luck with all the working out. Sounds like you're taking care of yourself with the cleanses and organic meals. I'm on an extremely healthy living way of life too. Start every morning out with hot lemon water and a glowing green smoothie and then lots of veggies the rest of the day. Never felt better :)



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