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as many of you know - i keep it REAL on here - i don't hold back and truth is the way to bliss - i never thought that blogging should be a fake facade to put on and so forth - so my last post was a "read all about it" "right in your face" kinda' post -- i have no deep dark secretes nor embarrassed about anything about myself or past - i find a lot of people hide behind their blogs or won't show "who" they are or give body shots, ect. -- live once and make it WORK - don't be afraid to let the truth be told and show who you truely are and not what you 'dream' to be .. just saying, one girls thoughts ...


ANYWAY i started my personal training and i LOVE my trainer Evan - he's awesome and makes me WORK - we do a FULL body work out but with muscle confusion so the body can reach its ultimate goal - he's supportive and a true light to my future - i can see the amazing results WILL be coming and he has the faith that since i put the weight on so quick, it'll come off really quick as well - we're also working on a plan to get this body the most SOLID it has ever been - psyched here!

anyway so i always go to the Juice Caboose in Summit NJ, a juice bar, for my 'green juice mixed with blueberry boost" - here's what you need to do if interested in making yourself - you'll need a blender and a juicer (the one's that separate all the juice from the greens and only give the liquid to work with) - this juice mix is a MUCH better way for your body to absorb all the nutrients - and i promise you - after drinking them regularly you'll feel like a new person - energy explosion! - and ALL natural!

Ingredients for Green Juice:
(source of energy and cleanses the body)
Kale (6-8 stalks)
Parsley (good bunch)
Cucumber (half)
Spinach (few hand fulls)
Celery (3-5 stalks)

put in juicer and should get at least 16+ fluid ounces - if not add more greens to juicer

Ingredients for Blueberry Boost:
(great for your brain)
Blueberries (good handful - frozen)
Mango (good handful - frozen)
Pineapple (good handful - frozen)

How to make
add green juice to blender and then add fruit - blend till smooth - easy-peasy!

i also like to add vitamins to my juice - which you can get at any vitamin shop - just adds a little extra support to your immune system or whatever else your trying to add a little "umph" too

if you guy's ever try it - let me know - i think it's yummy - but you'll be at the supermarket A LOT buying all the fresh veggies and frozen fruits - but i recommend drinking this at least 3-4 times a week - but if you can get at least some once a week it's better then nothing!


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  1. I don't juice but now I really want a trainer haha! Even sounds awesome!

  2. These actually look delicious.

    Next time I get pregnant, I'm also looking into a trainer. They are super knowledgeable.


  3. Okay first I just want to say I MISS YOU GIRL!!

    second is that I love how you keep it real...I do a little hiding in my blog with who I am but everything I write and do is for real (I hate photos of me)

    third I love juicing as long as I don't have to clean it up afterward. Will be trying the blueberry boost. yum.


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