what a night - no sleep at all - and busy busy day today - it surly is gonna be a killer day - on so many levels - i might be making 1 more life changing move today which has my stomach in knots - but sometimes you gotta do what's hard in order to move on and get life back to where you want it - *fingers crossed* i make it through today alive! - but i did get some positive career advice yesterday, which has me pretty excited for my future!!

here's some pics i've had of my 'life' to share:

here's Elmo - remember i told you i got into a car accident the day before Christmas Eve - i still haven't got his winker fixed - you can see he even has a tear coming down ..

we had a lil snow over the weekend and i finally got to wear my black leopard fur design Sorell boots - they were over $400 and i got them less then $100 - can we say SCORE!

Hello Kitty bubbly - ya know this girl is all about it!

DJ Kayleigh D

DJ Rusty D

my Niece was over and when the pups had their hoodies on she said they looked like "DJ's" - so DJ Kayleigh D and DJ Rusty D will now be spinning the 1's and 2's - book now while there still are spots open for your next event! *wink*

i finally hung all my heads over my bed in my bedroom - only thing missing is the birch wallpaper to go behind them!

Here's to a crazy day ahead!

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  1. I'm debating buying the same boots and now you just sold me on them! Good luck today, love! xoxo

  2. Good luck today! love the pictures of the dogs!!!!

  3. That Hello Kitty bubbly just cracks me up! It's almost disturbing in an odd way haha.

    Have a great day!

  4. Awesome pics!
    Love those boots!


  5. Oh, what a pity about the accident. Absolute score about the boots!!!

  6. Thank you for the well wishes with my wisdom teeth. I can't believe you had 6 removed!!!
    You have to tell me where you got that Hello Kitty bubbly! I have been looking for it everywhere!!

  7. oh girl I have missed you so! Hoping today goes well..sending you vibes. Loving the wall with the heads! I jut ordered one from Z Gallerie and I love it! xo

  8. Wow Erika - you have been a busy, busy girl! Love the boots - and the doggies too :)

  9. Hey Erika! Thanks for stopping by to see me :) OMG how cute are your dogs! Would love to have you as a follower & I'll be happy to follow you back xoxo

  10. Good luck today, sunshine and those boots are stunning. I want a pair too:) Muah

  11. Great photos - and you got a crazy good deal on those boots!

    Courtney ~

  12. Hope everything went the deer heads!!

  13. These photos are just so much fun. Totally laughing at your dog in the hoodies! Gangsta! xo


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