Amalia Mattaor

Have you Butterflies heard of the designer Amalia Mattaor? - she is a designer who has made "the dancing bags" - you know when you go out on the town and you wanna get up and dance but you have your bag to worry about? ... either having someone hold it or it gets in the way of holding a drink while dancing, ect. - well Amalia Mattaor has designed the IT bag! - combining leather and jewelry for a night on the town - i'm ALL IN on this bag!

Any of you Butterflies a fan of Amalia Mattaor designs?
I'm totally diggin' this - fits right into my lifestyle

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  1. Erika! How are you? I really should talk to you on Facebook more but I am so glad you posted.

    And yes, this is totally your style!

  2. This is cool, Erika! I like the second one. Thanks for sharing.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. that's really cool and I have never heard about this before! thanks for sharing babe

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette


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