Earth Day Tips

i have 5 tips for you from Dr. Myron Wentz in his book The Healthy Home:

1.  Take your shoes off before entering your home.  We walk around unwittingly in car oil, pesticides, animals waste and toxins.
2.  Non-stick pots and pans release potential hazardous fumes and particles into the air such as toxic gases, carcinogens and global pollutants.  Try using a well seasoned cast iron skillet instead. (highly recommend!)
3.  "Wrinkle free" sheets can expose you to the chemical PFC (perflourochemicals) and is linked to reproductive and development toxicity, as well as cancers to the bladder and liver.  Try using natural alternatives like cotton or linen.
4.  Fluorescent light bulbs will make you feel drained.  They contain a toxic gas known as mercury vapor.  Instead try purchasing regular incandescent light bulbs. 
5.  Electrical appliances create EMF's (electromagnetic fields - also my initials coincidentally) which are similar to those found under power lines that were linked to cancer clusters.  Make sure you unplug your appliances when not being used. (something i always do)

Many of these 'practices' i do on a normal basis in my home - i have found when 1 person starts something a chain of events will follow - you will be surprised to see how making 1 small step in your own home can make such an impact on the environment and the homes of people you know.  Spread the love and bliss!


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  1. I feel like we are earth aware but now I'm thinking we could do so much better. I have friends who have their shoe cabinets in the garage and never wear shoes in their house.

  2. uh, great tips, thank you for sharing!!!
    I should read this book

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

    Check on my latest post about a curvy model casting, I need your comment!

  3. hmmm... these advises are interesting. specially the cooking with non stick pots. i use those all the time! O_O

  4. I totally am a no shoes kind of person. I really need to unplug my appliances, though.

  5. I have recently purging my home of toxins but had no idea about the sheets! I imagine it is the same for non wrinkle clothing? I don't iron so I guess we will be THAT family that everyone feels sorry for :)

  6. I definitely know about all these things and try my best to do them- My house is generally a shoe off house- I'm not as strict about it down stairs where we have tile and bamboo but I'm very adamant that anyone going upstairs on the carpet needs to have shoes off.
    The unplugging appliances is hard for me- I can't count how many times I've put something in the toaster oven or the water in the electric kettle only to get frustrated cuz I unplugged it.


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