Pinterest & a Follow Up

i'm sorta' getting back into the swing of things here - hoping to develop some more posts and getting to read my Google reader and visiting your blogs on a semi-normal basis - we shall see how this works out - but i'm gonna give it the good ole try (baby steps right?)

talk about a master bed

hello powder room

let the liquid flow from this bar

the banister, the stairs - oh my!

*thank you Pinterest for a quick inspiration session*

Quick Catch Up
to my faithful Butterflies - you know i've taken' a bit of a break from blogging - 1. i just didn't really like where my blog was going (still needs a major overhaul, ugh); 2. i wasn't putting in much effort to my posts which became really sloppy (turns my stomach when i re-read them, double ugh); 3. life happened (health, career, move, family, friends, pets, ect.)

But a lot of you have asked - WHAT has been going on with my Mom: well she is recovering pretty well, she's had some side effects from the chemo and the surgeries but we are dealing with them 1 at a time and little by little - life is still a stress bowl for me, but it's life - you learn to deal with it and shimmy yourself through it - and no, i am not engaged/married (there's a rumor that i am going around) :o) .. no mater what, I've still been able to be thankful each and every day for all the treasures and sparkling moments in my life - keeping strong and keeping positive - lots of love on my side
THANK YOU *you know who you are* for sticking by ~Tiptoe Butterfly~ 
*much bliss*

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  1. Glad to hear your mama is recovering well! I've been thinking about you!

  2. I'm so happy you've recommitted to this blog- I love it when you post! Your attitude about life is so inspiring and I love it when you share. Thank you.

  3. Erika,

    I'm so glad your Mom is recovering. Family issues always weigh heavy on our minds and zap our emotional energy. Life takes so many turns and I believe resiliency is so important. We just need to be able to bounce back and move on and over all that life has to dish out.

    Anyway, these photos are amazing! What a master bedroom and powder room! Wow!

    Leslie :)

  4. Great to have you back, darling!
    Gorgeous post!


  5. Family, health and life always comes first. Blogging is here when you're ready. So happy to hear that your mother is doing well and also so happy you'll be around more :)

    Happy weekend, sweets! xoxo

  6. 1st time viewer great blog!! Love this post!

  7. Wishing your mom a full and speedy recovery... Best wishes!

  8. oh wow, everything looks so awesome and opulent!

  9. Have this master bed pic on my twitter page...obsessed with it! :)

  10. Wow, what gorgeous pics - I can't even imagine living somewhere that elegant! Greetings from Atlanta. ;-)

  11. I'm thrilled to hear that your Mom is making great progress and blogging is always last on my priority list too.
    A very big THANK YOU for your soothing words of comfort re the hubby's deployment. They really mean a lot and somehow make me feel less lonely:-). Thanks again my friend. XX

  12. Buy Pinterest Followers
    I LOVE the new color scheme! Can't wait to see it come together!

  13. I love pinterest! I just got one a few weeks ago and I'm obsessed!

  14. Glad you are doing well and glad your mom is too!

  15. That master bed is insanely fabulous! It's been on my twitter pix for months :)


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