For Sale - My Fairy-tale Home

** sorry for long post **
it was a normal afternoon - the beau (Joe) and i taking our normal route to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch - as we come close, i brace myself, as per usual, to see my 'dream home' - point it out to Joe and go on-and-on about it for about 15 minutes, and he patiently drives and lets me blabber about my dreams of this house - but this time around, as we went around the curve of the road and approached THE house, my heart skipped a few beats then started to race out of my chest - be hold: the golden For Sale sign!

call me crazy - but ever since my eyes laid a gaze to this home (i was a very young girl) something inside me clicked and said 'this will be my house, i will live here' - this is actually the house where i dream of my children (ya know the ones that are nonexistent) - and the funny thing about it all, no one, not even me, would ever pick 'this' house as my 'pick' - it doesn't scream 'Erika' or 'modern' - but for me there is something about it - maybe because it has a fresh water stream on the property with a little bridge that goes over it? (ya know, 'bridge over troubled waters' theme) - i really do not know, but I've always imagined the perfect happy/loving family living there and life getting no better then that

and well - lucky for me i finally got a chance to see what this 'love of my life' looks like inside - thanks to the internet of course (lord knows if there's an open house, i'm allll about it) - and it did not disappoint - of course it needs the 'Erika Touch' (new paint, my furniture, my decor, ect) but this house has everything i ever wanted! - come take a virtual tour - remember wear your 'Butterfly glasses' to see how this place can transform to absolute perfection, the bones are amazing (and it's all about the bones Butterflies)

View from the street - where all my dreams start
Entrance to the home and 2 car garage

Sunken living room - exposed beams - original hard wood floors - chevron brick - vaulted ceiling *about to pass out*
view of the statement wall fireplace *sigh*
even the dining room has exposed beams and a huge wall of windows
yes the kitchen needs some work (mainly the floors) - but it does have a chef stove - this space is perfect on so many levels, i can just imagine all the things i can do
see the kitchen is actually huge - how i dream of cooking in there
huge custom deck with hot tube already built in

stone work in the backyard

view from the backyard - which is enormous *about to pee my pants*

I didn't include pictures of the bedrooms - but Butterflies they do not disappoint either (there huge) - this house has everything and more that i ever dreamed of a home - i think of my children having their swing set in this backyard, them playing chase with our family dogs - BBQ's in the summer time - nights spent cuddled up in front of 1 of 2 fireplaces - cooking Christmas dinner in this kitchen - the kids studying in the actual 'study' (yes this home actually has a study) - this home is located 2 blocks from a park as well, so i dream of strolling/jogging/watching the kids play there - it's also located in a 'blue ribbon' school district (aka top schools)

Quick details on the house: 5 bedrooms - 4 full baths and 1 partial - 2 car garage - 2 fireplaces - built in 1950 - almost 2 acres of land - deck - vaulted ceilings - original wood floors - in-law suite with 2 bedrooms - family room - office/study   ...

so with all this dreaming you'd think i'd be putting my house
(8 yrs left on my mortgage) up for sale and get the papers rolling, huh? - Here's the kicker - it's listed at $840K and taxes for this property are estimated at $25K a year (i was actually shocked, i thought this house would be well over $1.5 million - and taxes close to $40K a year - i think i'm a bit jaded by northern NJ real estate - i actually think this house is a bargain and a half) - unfortunately for me my love affair will still be an affair - this girl doesn't have $840K in the bank :o(  *few tears trialing down my cheeks*

don't you think these people should give me a little break on the price, i mean who has dreams about this house like i have? - who will worship this house as much as i will? - who was just a little girl and 'knew' this would be her home?

I'm never going to lose sight of this dream - and i promise myself one day this house will be my home - i'm a huge believer in dreaming - and this girl right here will never lose this dream - i will still 'make believe' every time i pass by it and i pray that one day i can actually 'play house' for real and make this my 'home'!


*ps if you don't hear from me for awhile - it's because i'm off in dream land - playing 'make believe' in my 'home'*

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  1. Keep believing, Erika. Nothing is out of reach. This I remind myself of daily. I can envision children playing flag football on the lawn and you entertaining on that great big deck. My dream I can't get out of my mind? That I will live on Nantucket one day! xo

  2. where shall I start? I would say go for it! if you love it so much, you may skip shoe shopping for a decade and get the house instead.
    but you have to furnish it and maybe do some decorations so the final price will go up.
    anyway, if I think at my salary and the situation in my country, a house like that would have been bought only by a VP of my company. it costs a fortune.
    but on the other hand, THE house is every woman's dream, it's the place we would stay in the most is everything to many of us.
    so...would you be able to sell your current house?
    have you both got a stable job?
    are you willing to sacrifice something in order to get the house?
    give it a think....

    another thing...the house is huge, maybe you can dedicate half of it to a B&B? or renting it to students/workers/office/photostudio??

    otherwise, you have to have 10 kids to fill all the house :-)))))))))))))))))))))

    let me know what you think to be doing, ok?

  3. Gorgeous house!
    Love the deck and not tub!


  4. It's amazing, Erika! And definitely don't give up. It will happen one day. I'm a true believer in thinking that dreams do come true :) xoxo

  5. I'm with everyone else. Never give up! I love that huge yard. Drool! xoxo Elizabeth

    P.S Make sure to check out the giveaway that The Now and Swirl are hosting. It's for a $50 J. Crew gift card.

  6. Wow that house is beautiful!!!! That really stinks about the price though...but keep dreaming you could win the lottery one day ;)

  7. Oh what a beautiful home! You never know what can happen in the future, right? :-) Hubs and I used to go to million dollar open houses just for fun :-)

  8. Oh it really is beautiful, if only property was two expensive!m

  9. I can see you putting your butterfly touch there! The exposed beams and sunken living room are too awesome!
    We are actually thinking of investing in real estate and the funny thing is that property is so much cheaper in places like upstate NY but of course stupid expensive in NYC and Singapore (the 2 BR we rented last year was sold for over $1m for an ok part of town!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. dannnnnng that is awesome!!! You could have some serious rages in that house! x

  11. wow that house is stunning! Bummer about the price tag though! xo

  12. It's the outside of that place that has me sold! Not so crazy about the interior. But I see what you love about it!


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