this above picture was taken at my meeting yesterday at one of Microsoft's locations - a wall that was made up of acrylic tiles - it literally took my breathe away! - i didn't get a chance to really 'study' it, but it gave off a silver/mirror effect - oh and PS they had a fridge filled of bubbly too *my kinda' place*


BPC Home Stretch - Review:
i wrap up my 18 day cleanse tomorrow night *i did it!* - i must say it's a whole lot easier then you think! - the first week is tough, you really crave food and everything you see and smell you want, but after awhile the cravings all go away surprisingly - truthfully i'm going to miss the yummy drinks and the ease of grabbing a bottle for a 'meal' (i plan on going to Whole Foods for maintenance, instead of paying the shipping) - its been so convenient not having to cook/clean and having all my 'meals' set up and ready to go - it really does simplify life and gives you a new perspective on food - the one negative thing i can say, is the social aspect, when your cleansing for so long, the dinner dates and nights out with friends get postponed b/c, obviously, you can't eat or drink

i only lost 5 lbs, which i lost within the first 5 days of the cleanse - next time i'll do a 5 day cleanse, i plan on cleansing once a month or once every other month - they do say that every time you cleanse you will get different results, so i will have to update you on that next time i cleanse - (kinda' crazy to only lose 5 lbs right? - no food and only 1000 calories a day - my body is still not cooperating, i'm getting so frustrated - ever since that wacko of a doctor had me on some crazy medications, which i did not need one bit, my body has not been the same, i'm almost ready to give up, but i'm gonna give it to the end of the year of kick ass training at the gym and a strict healthy diet and hopefully i should see some results - once again i keep hearing 'medication weight is a whole different ball game' - *smh* i'm just a girl who wants to fit into her jeans, is that too much to ask?! *come on Universe, help me out here*)

all the 'benefits' of the cleanse, for me, came within 5 days and the rest was just a healthy nutritional boost for my body - i do love Blue Print Cleanse for the ease and especially how great the nutritionist, Julie, is - she's really a gem my Butterflies - quick to respond about anything (i mean ANYTHING too) and she's still sticking by me and helping me out with my goals and game plan from here on out - she's all aboard on getting these pounds off and getting me back to 'my normal' - i would highly recommend BPC if you want to clean out your system and get healthy (i'd say go for 5 days, it's really not as 'hard' as you may think - and i don't think you get the 'real' results in 3 days - so i would recommend sticking it out for another 2 days and go for the 5 days)

Has anyone gained weight due to medication? - How have you lost the pounds? - Any advice you can give me? (i'm seriously about to lose my mind) - I do have a lot of stress in my life and i know that is a big factor in not losing the weight, any good stress relieving tricks? .. HELP HELP HELP .. please share some tricks you may have picked up *thank you*!!!

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  1. I gained weight from fertility drugs that didn't work. UGH! I'm not at my goal weight but I've only got about 5 lbs. to go. Although, I am happy with my size now. I lost 25 pounds. It took a year but I didn't deprive myself. I just changed my eating habits & started exercising. I try to either take a Yoglates class or run 5 times a week. Good luck!

  2. Absolutely love that wall!!

  3. Hi Erika!

    Congrats on the success of your cleanse! So smart to head over to Whole Foods. Their salad bar and hot/cold deli (and sushi) is extensive allowing for just about every dietary need. I've heard they will cook a piece of fish or chicken for you if you purchase it from them. I like to go over there for lunch on my work days!


  4. Oh, that wall is gorgeous!

    Hmmm...I do believe medications suck. They help with one thing but cause so many other unwanted side effects.

    I'm a bit on the lazy side when it comes to exercise and not the best at dieting so no advice here.

    A few years back they put me on a low dose anti-depressant for fibromyalgia. It caused me to gain a few pounds but it also mellowed me enough not to care! xoxo

  5. You can do it! I can imagine it must be frustrating, but give yourself a little more time. I lost weight earlier this year through a combination of a little more gym time, a little less junk food, and a low carb/low sugar diet (that really helped!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. that wall is gorgeous!

  7. Very cool wall.
    And amazing job on the cleanse!


  8. Hi, Erika -
    Thanks so much for your visit. Wonderful to find you. That wall is awesome. I wish you had more photos.
    Good luck with your cleanse---

  9. That wall looks really lovely! Such a great solution! :)

    Lots of love,

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  10. I always see beautiful things here, so I visit often.

  11. loving that wall!

    love your blog! you have such cute style :)

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog


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