Hen House Linens - Review

Hen House Linens contacted me and asked if i could do a review on their fun fall inspired colored linens - mix and matching to be exact - perfect for this fall/holiday season to bring a little 'fun' to the table and kitchen - their mix and match fun fall colors are: fern orange, gracious chocolate, bold stripe navy, and spot on lime (just to name a few - check out all their swatches here - btw all their fabrics are custom made).

i was lucky enough to receive a cocktail apron and an pot holder - and after opening the box and seeing my goodies, i have to admit, i wished it was packed with more goodies - yes, i was that happy with what i saw right away that my only thought was that i wish i would have been able to try every single item out for review (ok, yes and so i can keep it and use them for years to come - i mean have you seen the dinner napkins and rings, and not to mention the guest towels?! TDF) - they are made of soft effortless cotton and serious eye candy ladies! - i took my cocktail apron and adorned it right around my waist and made a cute little bow in the front - my immediate reaction was 'i can't wait for girls night to wear this' - that night i used the potholder to take dinner out of the oven and i had no 'heat' issues - right now i have the cocktail apron on display on my kitchen island and the oven mitt resting nicely by my stove - they really are items you want out for others to see and gawk at - just too pretty to put away in a draw - it really is about 'gracious living everyday'

So overall would i recommend Hen House Linens - YES - they seem to me that they will stand up to the test of time - i'll want to use them everyday instead of being scared of ruining 'heirloom' pieces - price point is affordable to say the least, in my opinion (potholders $10-$13; set of 4 napkin rings $24; cocktail apron $25; guest towel $10; quilted charger $16; set of 6 cocktail napkins $24) and would make unbelievable hostess and holiday gifts! (again here's a list of what they have to offer) - these linens to me can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion - a perfect product that is versatile and unique - just take a look at all the press they've received - there's a reason why these linens are making headlines!

About Hen House Linens
Jenny Davids is a native North Carolinian raised with true southern values and hospitality.  Sharing meals with her family is simply called 'gracious living' in her books.  Jenny had the pleasure to build the Hen House with a network of incredible women - her college roommate and still dearest friend, Katherine Poole, is Hen Houses designer and creative director.  And wait till you hear about the rest of her brood - her backyard neighbor, Lee, is the photographer - Kathleen and Christina are part of the office crew - and it was her girlfriends, family, neighbors, and car pool Mom's who have tested the products out, helped pick out the perfect shade of red, and offered their honest opinions throughout the process.


i don't think you'll be disappointed - i know i wasn't - they have me hooked - i'm ordering the dinner napkins and rings and plan on getting a few items for people on my holiday gift list!

Don't forget
only a few days left - Nov 7th is deadline!

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  1. Super Cute :) Will have to keep them in mind when I start Christmas shopping! I can't believe I just said Christmas.

  2. So glad I found your blog! Shall we follow eachother? The linen seems really nice, will check them out!
    Xo Caroline

  3. Looks like great things and the fabrics are wonderful! Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway. Off to enter yours now!


  4. Erika,

    These are lovely :) such pretty colors! I have lots of linen and I can't wait to check out their website.

    Thanks for sharing!


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  6. Oh those prints are just lovely! Happy weekend dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. love your blog! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/


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