Jennifer Fisher

I've had a long time love affair with Jennifer Fisher jewelry - from making a single dog tag for herself in honor of her first sons birth - JF now has over 400 charms, 4 different colors of golds to choose from, cuffs to anklets, diamonds to skull ring, ect - shes come a long way from a little trinket for herself to taking Hollywood by storm - you probably have seen celebs like Chelsea Handler, Emma Roberts, Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker and the Kardashin's wearing her jewels - as well as seeing them on shows like Gossip Girl, Entourage, Ugly Betty and even the Sex and the City movie!

how fabulous are these one of a kind epic-goth inspired jewelry for this time of year (Halloween) - but then again who needs Halloween to wear skulls, bones, bullets, wings, ect ?! not me!

take a look at Debra Messing in the NBC's SMASH

Do you have any Jennifer Fisher in your jewelry collection?
Thinking about investing in a piece or two?

Don't forget to 
many ways to win!

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  1. Amazing pieces!
    Love the cuffs!


  2. No I don't have any yet but I do love her pieces. An investment is the right word. One day :) xoxo

  3. Hi Erika,

    I feel so "out of the loop" as I hadn't heard about Jennifer Fisher jewelry. It is beautiful and I do like Debra Messing :-)

  4. I've never heard of her, but I love her jewelry now!!

  5. I do not have any! Thanks for the intro. Great statement pieces!



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