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Have you Butterflies heard of Camilla Franks?! - I've been dying to get a kaftan of hers in my wardrobe since last summer - they are pricey (which i'm awaiting a good sale and a promo code) and her website doesn't ship to the USA (yet) - but good news, her kaftans, dresses, pants, shorts, tops, etc are hitting more USA stores this year!

So who is Camilla? - She's an Australian designer with a signature of colorful prints and free flowing designs (and she's stunning to boot) -  She started off in theater and made her own designs for her character which lead to her own label - her philosophy is "All women have the right to look and feel beautiful no matter their age, colour, size, or origin. I design for all shapes and sizes - all personalities and walks of life - I just want to make women look and feel beautiful whether it's in a figure-hugging micro mini or a lavishly bejeweled cocktail dress."

P.S. her kaftans are made to be worn in many different way's, so you can change the look of 1 kaftan into 3 looks (regular, strapless, one shoulder)

she also makes leggings/tops/tanks/dresses/shorts/pants/bikini's/bags/etc - she's the whole shabang my butterflies! . . . her frocks have been spotted on celebs like: Oprah Winfrey, Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson, Lily Allen, Beyonce Knowles, and Gabrielle Bernstein to name a few! ~ i'd like to add my name to this list *wink*

here's a few picks - that you can either buy now or pre-order: 

 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5.

Dear Universe - please hear me out - i'd REALLY love for you to hook me up with a kaftan - please send a sale and promo code my way - pretty pretty pretty please - or a big fat check - either or would work! *mwah*

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  1. And now I want to go on a tropical vacay with one {or all} of these in tow. Gorgeous!

    P.S. Remember the Givenchy boots? Look at these replicas for under $170.00 - . Would you buy, or save for the real thing???

  2. Wow I didn't know this brand but I love it. They don't look like kaftans at all, at first I thought they were dresses. Anyway they are perfect for summer time ;)
    See you!

  3. I love these. I need to check it out. I like the shorter ones for a bathing suit cover up.

  4. Wow...never heard of her, but these designs are beautiful! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. She is as gorgeous as her work! You would totally rock this look. You are a walking free people ad. Love it. xo

  6. Thanks for introducing us to this amazing designer, darling! These kaftans are so gorgeous!


  7. Wow, I love her designs and there is definitely one on my wishlist!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. so beautiful! thanks os much for sharing!

  9. so beautiful! thanks os much for sharing!

  10. Oh how pretty!!! I LOVE #2!! I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for these!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  11. I've wanted one every since ten years I saw this beautiful woman in Vogue wearing one. I can't get it out of my head! Such elegant attire.

  12. I love kaftans; they're so sophisticated! Thanks for the intro to this great designer. Beautiful pieces! xx

  13. Gorgeous Erika! Thanks for the introduction. The colors are lovely. I need one for a trip to Hawaii that's coming up!


  14. while you're asking the universe, go ahead and ask one for me too! some of the prints are a little too loud for me, but i really like the bright ones like #6 and the one beyonce has. they're so pretty and summery

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  15. Amazing. These look so perfect for summer. The colours and prints are so lovely.

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