Houston We Have a Problem

i realize i have bigger problems then this (much bigger) - but this is 1 problem i need to solve ASAP before i lose it - i NEED a new bag (i go through serious withdraws - this is no laughing matter) - so far i have bought and returned numerous bags over the past few months - they just didn't fit the bill - but there are 3 bags that i never pulled the trigger on, but just won't leave my head ..

Option 1
Chloe Large Paraty

Option 2
Givenchy Large Nightingal

Option 3
Proenza Schouler Large PS1 

(all bags are on FORWARD website)

not only are all 3 killer choices - but WHAT color? - do i go classic? - do i get a color i don't have? (pale pink possibly?) - do i not get a Chloe b/c i already have the Paddington? - so do i go with a Givenchy or Proenza b/c i don't have either label? - it's going to be obviously an investment piece (which i really can't afford right now, but some things you just gotta get before you have a nervous breakdown, ya know) - *augh* - the things that keep me up at night! - and to think i actually have 'real' problems to worry about - and yet i still sweat over this

Is it possible to not buy any?
help a sista' out! 

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  1. Oh yes I remember you wanted a Nightingale for a while! I think the Nightingale will last for decades and is under the radar, but a PS1 in a nice color would be a workhorse kinda bag. I'm all about cross body options!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. I have to say, I love the first one. Only red is too loud for me. I would line up your collection and buy the one that fills it in. I just bought a blue one for spring. You didn't give the links. Where do you buy your bags?

  3. Chloe!!! Hands down! Love the unusual shape & the color!!

  4. The Chloe and PS1 are my two dream bags too so I'm of no help- I think I'd go with the PS1 just because it's so versatile.

  5. Chloe all the way, darling!

    Happy 2013 :)


  6. oh the bag debate...I am familiar with the conflict!
    I love the PS bag. I hope to get one someday (but not right now).
    Classic colors are great but I think unconventional colors can be a great investment too when it comes in a classic silhouette. =)


  7. second one: it goes with anything, more classic, a good investment

  8. Such a fun post Erika! I think I'd go with #3 if I was only able to get one.. otherwise, I'd go with a black one too :) Great colors and they look like they are the perfect size.


  9. .. I have a Chloe in black and love it. It's a classic and is made well.

  10. Oooooh go givenchy! Way chic!


  11. We're so alike! I can't wait to get a new bag, usually I used to buy a statement bag each year...then came three children and the priorities sort of changed...but I still love a good handbag! If I had to choose Iof these I would go for the Chloe...a classic but edgy colour maybe! xo Caroline

  12. That IS a major problem. I LOVE that first Chloe bag!! Come say hi!!

  13. Oh my gosh...love them all...I don't know which one I would pick. You cant go wrong....Close your eyes and go for it!

  14. You certainly are a girl who loves her handbags! If you were shopping with me I'd encourage you to get all three. Screw it. You can't take it with you! xo

  15. I love the Chloe and the Proenza but for the most versitile, classic and most wear (cross body etc) I would go for the Proenza. They just don't date as well :)

    xx Mandi

  16. I have been lusting over that chloe bag in tan forever....ahhh so pretty. Now you have me wanting the two other bags. xx


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