Animal Instinct

it shouldn't be a shocker that i'm obsessed with this Etsy site - after all my house is abundantly cascading with animals wherever you look - you name the animal, i'm sure it's somewhere in my decor - surprisingly i do not have a 'large' elephant (i have plenty of small ones, vases, hooks, etc) but not one with large flap ears and silver glitter tusks . . . 


do you have an animal instinct?
have a favorite piece from above?
if so - check out White Faux Taxidermy and Home Decor

Ps - Universe, lets take it easy on the snow that shall be starting tonight and ending Saturday - *please*

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  1. I want one of these so bad!!! I think they are the coolest and I love the glam faux take on something I would normally hate :) Just have to figure out a good spot...

    {love jenny xoxo}

  2. Very cool pieces!
    Love the purple deer!


  3. Dang! These are awesome! If they have a gazelle, I may have to get it.

  4. I love that they are so colorful!! For some reason I love the rhino and T-rex! They are fierce!

    Ergo - Blog

  5. I love that elephant piece. There's something so charming about elephants.

  6. i am tempted really tempted to purchase an animal head for decor but i wonder if it going out of style now

  7. Ohmigosh I want them all, Erika! I think the wolf and elephant are my favorites!

    P.S. Stay safe in the storm lady! :)

  8. I do love having animal pieces in the house. These are all so gorgeous. I want them all.

  9. I really like the bright colored ones. I hope you are doing OK after the blizzard!

  10. Glad I stumbled on your blog today/ The two-tone moose head is stunning! I've always been a fan of the faux animal head. Going to go check out the Etsy shop now. Thanks for sharing!

    Nike O.
    Eight Hundred Sq. Ft.
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