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as you know - i adore Hen House Linens - last time around i got to road test their cocktail apron and pot holder - it was right on the money! - to this day i still use each regularly (i actually use the cocktail apron as a cooking apron - don't judge) - so when i got the news i could test drive the cook's apron, i was thrilled to say the least! - SOLD! .. and best yet, i received the apron in 'Jane's Mums Scarlet' - which matches my kitchen and perfect for Valentine's day coming up! *high five to the universe*

tablecloth is in Jane's Mums Scarlet design
What else is perfect for this Valentin's Day is the cocktail apron (as i said, i love and use it way too much possibly) - hits right above the knee; it's cute and flirty for your guy or a night with the girls! - the grosgrain ribbon wraps around your waist and then ties nicely into a sweet bow - and it also washes well! - the pocket on the apron is also super useful - i always end up putting something in there as i'm cooking or entertaining (ok and sometimes i do forget i have things in there till i go to wash it, oops)

in Devine Scarlet
So do you think a cook's apron or cocktail apron is in need at your pad? - try out Hen House Linens - i think you'll really like their quality, price tag, and options (table runners, napkin rings, aprons, guest towels, pillows, etc .. and also the 38+ fabric choices) - they really do have so much to offer and with all the fabric options you can really jazz up your scene with mix-matching designs and colors


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  1. There's such a thing as a Cocktail Apron? Hello, that is the cutest thing ever - I want! :D

  2. Such a cute apron! I never wear an apron, not because I don't love them but because I rarely cook ; )

  3. Adorable prints!
    Love your apron!


  4. Gorgeous - all of it!! Love all the colors and patterns. I really need to get one of these. I end up getting flour all over me! Hope your week is going well. Hugs. xo

  5. Yes please! In love!! Love the pattern too! XX

  6. Darling Erika and very festive! I have a vintage apron that's similar and always like putting it on especially when I entertain.

    Happy Monday!


  7. P.S. The glitter wall idea? Yesyesyes! Sparkle everyday!! :)

  8. I never wear an apron because I rarely cook but these are adorable!!


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