Black and White

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simple - clean - classic
black + white

well it's finally snowing in NJ - i say finally b/c it was suppose to start 2 days ago - and it's that wet heavy snow, not the fun fluffy stuff to play in - hopefully half day at work *crossing my fingers* - this girl wants to go home and watch The Holiday - anyone else love that movie, especially when it's snowing?

ps - the snow just turned into huge most magical flakes right now - keep it up Universe - big magical snow flakes - The Holiday movie - wearing comfy PeaceLoveWorld sweats (yup i showed up to work in full on sweats) - now i just need to get home!

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  1. Those shoes {# 8}...I think I'll be needing them in my life. Like now. I can never resist a clean black and white look. :D

  2. I love black and white too! Those shoes and earrings are beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous selections!
    Love those wedge booties!


  4. I hope you get a half day! I want to watch that movie now!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. Oh how I'd love to go to work in sweats. Hope the snow stays magical! I do like The Holiday a lot. It's been a long time since I watched it.

  6. I am really loving those shoes. How unique. Those or the jacket would make a fantastic combo for a night on the town.

  7. I'm loving black and white for spring. #3 and #8 are gorgeous!

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  8. I have been dying to wear pants like that. My legs are like, "Uh, no." But my sense of style is like, 'Yes!'

    PS... LOVE the Holiday!!!

  9. That leather jacket is gorgeous! Enjoy the beautiful snow!

  10. I love that movie, haven't seen it in ages. That snow was so heavy and I hated doing the walk. I hope that is the last shoveling for the season. Love the clothes. Did you get to go home early?

  11. I love the perforated jacket. So cool.

  12. love all these pieces! black and white stuff builds such a nice base to work with, half my closet is in black or white :)

    {love jenny xoxo}


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