French Shabby Chic

I just found this new site: The French Bedroom Company which provides the most exquisite french shabby chic furniture - the last time i 'redesigned' my childhood bedroom i went shabby chic all the way - currently there's nothing shabby chic in my own home, but it doesn't mean it still doesn't hold a special place in my heart - check out what the The French Bedroom has to offer:

you have no idea how much i want that horse lamp! - hello wish list!

top hat lights

proudly i have this owl table 

Persian cowhide rug TDF

ultimate french shabby chic with this bed, chaise, chair, cowhide, and chandelier

bulldog lamp

from beds to tables, seating to lighting, mirror to rugs - this french shabby chic site has me itching to go on a major shopping spree - take a peak around the site - it's much more then just 'french shbby chic' - hello the life-size horse lamp, it's calling my name!


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  1. I love the top hat lights!! Those are something I would have in my home!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. I like a few of their pieces - they have some unique pieces of decor!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Yea! Thanks for the website Erika. I love that bulldog lamp!

  4. OK when I saw the horse I was like "WTH??? Who would want a fake horse in their living room"?? Then when said it was a lamp it took me 5 mins. to see the actual shade. I kept looking & looking thinking "how is that a lamp?". HAHA!

  5. Amazing post, darling!
    You take the horse lamp, I'll take the bulldog!



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