i downloaded the app Nametrix .. saw it somewhere - got curious - and well when i'm curious there's no stopping me - here's what my name "Erika" is all about:


1. Model
(nope - then again isn't everyone a 'model' these days)
2. Psychologist
(have a degree in that)
3. Singer
(when i met The Beau i told him i was famous in Australia - true story) 
4. Actor
(i was in a play once)
5. Nurse
(thought about perusing)
6. Homemaker
(it's my calling other then fashionista' and interior designer and etc)
7. Film Producer
(i'd pass)
8. Writer
(do that)
9. Lawyer
(told i'd be a good one - since i always get my way)
10. Doctor
(what i first went to college for - could of been Dr. Erika - oh well)
11. Executive
(do that)

When i was born my name ranked #87 and in 2011 it was #530 but its peak was in 1990 - it's the most popular in the West - and most are democrats

it is still rare for me to meet another Erika - i meet Erica's but not Erika's - and it's the biggest pet peeve when someone spells my name with a C - i use to cry as a kid when i wanted to buy something with name on it (like a license plate/mug on vacation or name bracelet) b/c they were always Erica - but as i got older i loved having a name that most people don't have, especially spelled with a K - i knew when i heard "ERIKA" in a room they were calling me - to this day when i hear "Erika" i turn and say "YEAH?"; total natural instinct

common or more rare?

oh and HELLO - it's my BFF's birthday today

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  1. I can't wait to get my tax return so I can get a new phone and get this app!! =)

    I totally know the feeling about not getting things with your name on it. My name is not the easiest to find!! =)

    I wonder what it would say about my name. Once I got forest ranger as my future job...Yeah I don't think so in lower New York. =P

    Ergo - Blog

  2. @Chloe Moon - Chloe is actually the #10 popular girls name of 2011 - so there's gonna be A LOT of Chloe's walking around :o)

  3. oh and Chloe - ur #2 profession is an XXX performer - hahahahahahaha

  4. I love this post! And you should get the medical degree. Go get it!

    Lovely pic, ps!

  5. I need to do this. I love your name. I hope you are glad it is not that popular. My husband has the #1 name...maybe of all time? We get calls looking for some other guy with the same name. Hi mom thinks it's great....I think it is unoriginal.

  6. I pronounce my way like another semi-common name but definitely spell it differently. I like being a little different!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. Ugh! My name is so commone & my biggest pet peeve is it being misspelled BY PEOPLE I KNOW!!! So annoying.

  8. Fun post Erika! You know your spelling with a K is the way to spell Erika here in Sweden. Must try this out...Caroline

  9. Hiya,

    My name was not common then naomi Campbell came along...
    She has kinda ruined my name for me bc everywhere they go like Campbell?

  10. Uniqueness is the spice of life Erika! This is so fun and great picture!!


  11. Haha I downloaded it right away! Mine was pretty right one, my husband's said that he should be a XXX Performer. Say wha???? I HATE when people spell my name Andy. Drives me craaaaaaazy!!!

  12. Mine is pretty common and like to think two of the most famous queens in history have been Elizabeth as well... Haha!


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